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    Darien Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

    To protect the future of a child facing criminal charges, it is a good idea to consult a knowledgeable Darien juvenile crimes lawyer for advice.

    What is the Darien Juvenile Review Board?

    The Darien Police Department’s Youth Division manages a Juvenile Review Board, which operates as a pre-court alternative diversion program for young people accused of certain criminal offenses. This program provides intervention services to juveniles and their families to curb illegal or risky behaviors. Restorative justice practices are paired with supports to reduce criminal behavior and help juveniles facing challenges.

    Juveniles receiving assistance through Juvenile Review Board services can often avoid the creation of a criminal record. A Darien juvenile crimes attorney could explain diversion programs or other options and how they could impact your child’s future.

    Do Parents Have the Right to be Present During Police Questioning?

    Parents almost always have the right to be present during any questioning or other interactions with police, and it is important to exercise that right. Before speaking with law enforcement, it is also a good idea to talk to an experienced Darien juvenile crimes lawyer for advice on how to protect the rights of everyone involved and avoid making incriminating statements.

    In most cases, the Youth Division of the Darien Police would be the ones questioning a minor accused of a criminal offense. Even though members of this division may have special training and use a gentler approach than other officers, they are still police and statements made to them could have a critical impact.

    How does CT Handle Juvenile Cases?

    In Darien and throughout Connecticut, juvenile criminal cases may be prosecuted in two different ways – judicial and non-judicial. In a non-judicial situation, the matter may be handled by a juvenile probation officer. They oversee the case and could order the accused offender to perform community service, undergo counseling, submit to drug testing, or fulfill other conditions such as performance goals in school.

    A case may be handled on the judicial track if the accused has a record of prior charges or the offense involved is more serious. Possession or sale of certain drugs or firearms will cause a case to be handled through the juvenile courts. If a juvenile failed to comply with probation officers’ instructions in a non-judicial situation, then the matter may be handled in court as well.

    Cases that proceed through court may be settled through plea bargain or proceed to trial. All records remain confidential, and police reports are sealed. However, if a case is transferred to adult court, such as under the provisions of Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-127, the record becomes public and the potential penalties can increase significantly.

    Consult a Darien Juvenile Crimes Attorney

    Many people are not certain whether they need an attorney for a juvenile case. It can be difficult to know how to take advantage of all the available opportunities for a positive resolution of the case, but a lawyer can help.

    Advice and advocacy from a dedicated Darien juvenile crimes lawyer could help keep a minor’s record clear. In addition, an attorney could work to ensure that a juvenile receives the services and assistance needed to prevent similar issues in the future. For a consultation to learn how a juvenile defense attorney could assist in your case, call Mark Sherman Law.