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    Darien Domestic Violence Lawyer

    If you’re arrested for family violence, contact a Darien domestic violence lawyer today for help resolving your case. A top criminal defense attorney can advocate on your behalf during any proceedings and fight for an optimum outcome to your case.

    Is Domestic Violence a Crime in Darien Connecticut?

    Law enforcement officers and courts take their responsibilities to protect alleged targets of domestic violence very seriously. Prosecutors may push criminal charges through the courts even if none of the parties involved want a prosecution to occur.

    As a result, legal representation is instrumental to a positive outcome in domestic violence cases. If you are arrested for domestic violence in Darien, you should take the following steps as quickly as possible:

    • Contact a domestic violence lawyer in Darien
    • Avoid making statements to any court or law enforcement personnel about the incident without the presence of legal counsel
    • Document any injuries to support potential claims of self-defense
    • Follow all restraining orders, even if the person protected under the order initiates or wants contact, to avoid further felony criminal charges

    All too often, the involvement of Family Services immediately following an alleged domestic violence incident can lead to more severe penalties, compulsory attendance at treatment programs, and harsher restraining orders.

    Will I be Subject to a Protective or Restraining Order?

    If you are arrested for any domestic violence crime in Darien, you must appear in Stamford Superior Court on the next business day. At that time, the court will implement a restraining order or protective order, at least for the duration of the criminal case. There are three basic forms of restraining order available:

    • Full no-contact protective order, which prohibits any contact between the parties involved in the offense
    • Full residential protective order, which allows communication prevents you from returning to the protected person’s home – even if you also live there
    • Partial or limited restraining order, allowing contact but prohibiting assaults, stalking, or other harassing behaviors

    Since there is some flexibility in the type of restraining order that the court enters at this initial hearing, having legal representation can be crucial to minimizing the impact of a court order on your life. A domestic violence attorney in Darien may be able to advocate for the least restrictive restraining order based on the relevant circumstances.

    Consult a Darien Domestic Violence Attorney for Assistance

    Once the criminal justice system becomes involved in a family violence matter, it can be tough to halt. This can result in a variety of undesired consequences, including jail time, removal from the family home, mandatory attendance at treatment and education programs, and a permanent criminal record.

    Fortunately, a Darien domestic violence lawyer may be able to help minimize the impact of these proceedings on your life and pursue the outcome that is best for you and your family. Call Mark Sherman Law today to discuss your case.