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    Underage Drinking Charges for Darien Minors

    There is a law that suspends the prosecution of a person’s minor in possession for underage drinking ticket in Connecticut. This law suspends the prosecution and schedule a dismissal date even if the prosecutor district attorney disagrees. These changes to legislation impact how prosecutors and defense attorneys approach underage drinking charges for Darien minors. To learn more, get in touch with a knowledgeable criminal attorney today.

    Questions Minors Might Be Asked After Arrest

    Generally, those facing underage consumption of alcohol charges for Darien minors, want to speak to a lawyer before they make any self-incriminating statements. A person has the right to remain silent and should exercise that right.

    In certain circumstances, it is okay, to be honest about a drinking situation. When serious injuries are involved or if there is a DWI accident, a person definitely should exercise their right to remain silent. A suspect will always have an opportunity to speak to a Darien, Connecticut criminal lawyer.

    Publishing the Details of a Possession of Alcohol by Minors Arrest

    Local newspapers often publish details about those who face underage drinking charges for Darien minors. This type of public shaming is considered a deterrent by Darien police who will release a person’s information, their name, that individual’s address, that person’s mugshot and a one-sided summary report of the drinking arrest to the local Darien newspapers and online news websites such as Darien Patch, the Darien Times, the Darien news online and the Darienite.

    Some law firms, like the Mark Sherman Law Firm, offer the unique internet scrubbing practice where they fight these news websites to take down, to scrub the Darien client’s arrest off the internet and off Google searches. A person’s online reputation is very important and many lawyers recognize the need to always fight for the individual’s rights and fight to get a person’s arrest taken off as soon as possible.

    How Prosecutors and Judges Treat Cases of Minors in Possession of Alcohol

    It is a combination of judges and prosecutors who are willing to make the arrest a teaching moment rather than a punitive one if the facts warrant. That is why it is always important for a parent to help a teenager understand that they must be respectful and maintain a positive and respectful attitude with the police at all times during a minor possession or underage drinking incident.

    In Connecticut Superior Court, attitude is everything. Minors charged with underage drinking must be respectful and courteous to the police. They should refrain from making any self-incriminating statements and must make a good impression so that when the prosecutors review the police reports, they will be more inclined to give that person a second chance.

    Expectations of an Underage Drinking Trial Process

    Although underage drinking charges for Darien minors can get complicated, courts typically look for certain objectives to be satisfied upfront, before a person goes to court. This will typically consist of a person seeing a specialist with whom the court has some familiarity and respect for. Typically, if a person shows success with the objectives then they may ultimately be eligible for a disposition that does not involve a guilty plea.

    If someone pleads guilty by a mail to a ticket, it is reversible. That being said, reversing a person’s guilty plea by mail to a minor possession ticket is a tricky and technical task but it is possible; especially if a person wants to reverse their guilty plea by mail within a certain time limit.

    Penalties for Underage Consumption of Alcohol

    The penalties for underage drinking charges for Darien minors include a fine, a permanent conviction on their record which will say possession of alcohol by a minor ( which can sometimes be misinterpreted by employers and colleges for possession of marijuana), as well as possible license suspension.

    If a person is under 21 and that person has pled guilty by mail to a possession of alcohol minor ticket then that person’s license will be suspended for 30 days and if a person is found to have alcohol in their car, then the license will be suspended for 60 days. Those penalties are enhanced for a subsequent conviction. So, that’s why the best Darien, Connecticut criminal lawyers will always tell a person not to plead guilty by mail before they consult with a Darien, Connecticut criminal lawyer to see whether that person is guilty of a minor possession ticket.

    Importance of Hiring an Attorney

    Underage drinking charges for Darien minors can be more serious than they seem. Hiring an underage alcohol consumption lawyer is important because if a person pleads guilty to a misdemeanor or a felony or even an infraction, the conviction will be on that person’s record forever. A felony conviction could make it very difficult for a person to get a job or to get into grad school or college. That is why you should hire an experienced Darien criminal attorney that can work tirelessly to build a solid defense for you.