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    Darien Sex Crimes Lawyer

    A skilled Darien sex crimes lawyer can help you preserve your rights following an accusation of a sexual offense. Anyone facing allegations of sexual assault should contact a dedicated criminal defense attorney to build a credible defense.

    What is a Sex Crime in Darien?

    A number of commonly used terms for sex crimes—including rape and statutory rape—do not always appear in Connecticut statutes. Instead, many offenses are simply referred to as sexual assault of varying degrees. Other sexual offenses defined in Connecticut statutes include prostitution, patronizing a prostitute, possession of child pornography, and enticing a minor. A lawyer in Darien could help someone accused of any type of sex crime.

    What is Sexual Assault in the First Degree?

    The most serious sex crimes are commonly referred to as sexual assault in the first degree. First-degree sexual assault – under 53a-70 – is often called rape in other jurisdictions. These situations commonly involve compelling another person to engage in sex by threat of force. In addition, sex crimes involving a minor under the age of 13 or a mentally handicapped individual may also be classified as first-degree sexual assault. These offenses could be considered Class A or B felonies depending on the circumstances.

    Sexual Assault in the Second Degree

    Statutory rape, which occurs when an adult engages in sexual activity with a minor under the age of 16, a student, an individual who is incapacitated, or someone under their authority, is generally considered sexual assault in the second degree. These sex crimes could be charged as Class B or C felonies, and is under statute 53a-71.

    Sexual Offenses in the Third or Fourth Degree

    Sexual offenses in the third and fourth degrees typically involve unwanted contact but not necessarily penetration. If force is used or threatened, the offense may be considered a third-degree crime and treated as a Class B, C or D felony. The offense is frequently considered more severe if a minor under the age of 16 is involved or if a firearm is used. Fourth-degree sex crime charges cover a variety of situations involving sexual contact. If the person subject to such contact is under age 16, the offense could be regarded as a Class D felony. In other cases, fourth-degree sexual assault may be considered a Class A misdemeanor.

    Sexual Crimes in a Spousal Relationship

    If you are married or living together with a romantic partner or spouse, you may still be found convicted of sexual assault against a partner who was compelled by the use of force to participate in a sexual encounter. The relationship that such partners share does not exclude either of them from being charged with a sex crime committed against one another.

    Will I go to Jail for a Sexual Crime?

    Possibly.  While a small number of sexual offenses are classified as misdemeanors, most sex crimes are treated as felonies in Connecticut. Many sex crimes are classified as Class B or C felonies. These could be punishable by terms of imprisonment between one to 20 years or one to ten years in length, depending on the classification. In most cases, the statutes may prohibit courts from suspending portions of these sentences – meaning that there is mandatory minimum jail time upon conviction. Class D felony sex crimes, meanwhile, could incur a penalty of up to five years in prison. A Darien attorney could help someone mitigate a potential jail sentence for a sex crime.

    Registering as a Sex Offender

    In addition, those convicted could be required to register as sex offenders. Presence on such a database could greatly reduce your employment opportunities, as well as your ability to live in certain areas.  Further, registration as a sex offender is often mandatory for a period of at least ten years if you are convicted. A Darien lawyer could determine if someone accused of a sex crime may be required to register on this database.

    How a Darien Sex Crimes Attorney Could Help

    Because the consequences of sexual offense allegations may be incredibly damaging, it is imperative to seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to avoid mistakes that could further jeopardize your case. An aggressive Darien sex crimes lawyer who is well-versed in the laws surrounding such offenses could work with you to develop an effective legal strategy. To get started on your case, call today.