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    Darien Statutory Sexual Assault Lawyer

    In Darien and throughout Connecticut, statutory rape occurs when someone has sex with an individual under 13 years old and the actor is over two years older. Statutory rape is a serious crime, and local authorities often fight tirelessly for severe penalties.

    If you were accused of statutory rape, you could benefit from having a top Darien statutory sexual assault lawyer by your side. An experienced attorney could fight for an optimum outcome to your case.

    How Does Statutory Sexual Assault Differ From Other Sex Crimes?

    Each degree of sexual assault in Connecticut encompasses statutory rape. Sexual assault in the first degree under Connecticut General Statute 53a-70 says that sexual assault occurs when a person engages in sexual intercourse with another who is under the age of 13 and the actor is more than two years older. Statutory rape is charged when the intercourse was illegal due to the ages of the participants but otherwise consensual.

    Sexual assault in the second-degree statutory rape happens when a person is between 13 and 16 years old and the actor is more than three years older than that person. For example, if someone is 13 years old and the other party is 17 years old, that is statutory rape in the second degree. Sexual assault in the fourth degree is charged when one individual is between the ages of 13 and 15 and the actor is more than three years older.

    Can Third-Party Allegations Lead to a Statutory Rape Charge?

    The most common third-party allegation is when parents make an accusation of statutory rape on behalf of their minor child. This usually happens when a parent becomes aware that their child is engaging in sexual intercourse with someone more than three years older. The parent can go to the Darien Police Station and files a complaint.

    Romeo and Juliet Laws in CT

    Romeo and Juliet laws are exceptions in the Darien sexual assault laws for young people who are close in age. As long as the participants are within two years of each other, they are protected from the statutory rape laws.

    How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

    An experienced criminal attorney reviews the evidence obtained by law enforcement, including:

    • The police investigation
    • Any statements made to the police
    • The prosecutor’s file

    The attorney also conducts an independent investigation in which they look for text messages, cellphone evidence, and social media evidence. It is important to hire a private investigator to conduct a secondhand investigation into the matter and interview as many witnesses as possible. The private investigator collects additional evidence that was not included or was overlooked by the police.

    An experienced criminal defense attorney files a motion to preserve all of the evidence with the court, so nothing is spoiled or discarded before trial. After reviewing the evidence, a good criminal defense attorney identifies their client’s best defenses to the charges. They determine the most appropriate way to proceed in criminal court to avoid a conviction or jail time without serious damages to the person’s criminal record or their reputation.

    Contact a Darien Statutory Sexual Assault Attorney Today

    If you face charges of statutory rape or another sex crime, you should reach out to a top attorney as soon as possible. A Darien statutory sexual assault attorney has the knowledge and experience needed to fight for a positive outcome to your case. They understand the tactics used by local authorities, and they could work to protect your interests at every step. Call today to schedule a consultation.