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    Darien Sexual Assault Arrests

    Darien sexual assault arrests can have serious consequences. For help building a strong defense, reach out to a top sexual assault attorney.

    How do Darien Authorities Respond to a Report of Sexual Assault?

    Once a sexual assault complaint is made to the Darien Police Department, an officer takes the report and interviews the suspect. If the complaint is received within the first 48 hours of the sexual assault occurring, the officer may ask the alleged victim to submit to a rape kit to collect and preserve DNA evidence. The rape kit might not be processed for quite some time, but if the officer finds that probable cause exists, that initiates an arrest for sexual assault.

    What Are My Rights During a Sexual Assault Arrest?

    When an arrest is made, the suspect has the right to remain silent. Individuals also have the right to an attorney. If they cannot afford an attorney, one is appointed for them. They also have the right to know the allegations against them and the evidence the police and the state’s attorney have. Additionally, they have the right to confront their accuser and cross-examine the accuser at trial.

    Should I Speak to the Media?

    While many people know they should not give statements to police, this also applies to members of the media or press. The suspect may be contacted by reporting agencies or there could be press surrounding the arrest, especially for sexual assault cases.

    Should I Contact the Alleged Victim?

    No, a defendant should not contact the alleged victim for any reason. Doing so can make the situation worse. However, if there is a circumstance where the alleged victim needs to be contacted, the defendant could have his or her attorney handle all communications.

    Can the Alleged Victim Choose Not to Process Charges?

    The State of Connecticut almost always bring charges against the alleged attacker, regardless of the wishes of the alleged victim. Prosecutors do not care if the alleged victim recants their statement because they might be under pressure. The prosecutor almost always brings charges regardless of the victim’s wishes.

    When Should I Contact a Darien Attorney for a Sexual Assault Allegation?

    As soon as possible. Anyone facing arrest for a sexual assault offense in Darien should immediately contact an attorney when they become aware that they are being investigated. They should not give any statements to the authorities or answer any questions without an attorney present. By taking quick action and contacting an attorney during an investigation, individuals may be able to craft a defense strategy that could prevent the arrest from happening.