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    Darien Sexual Assault Investigations

    Darien sexual assault investigations can feel overwhelming for everyone involved. For help bringing a positive resolution to your case, contact a top sexual assault attorney today.

    When do Darien Police Begin a Sexual Assault Investigation?

    A sexual assault report usually comes from the alleged victim, a witness, or a nurse or doctor at the hospital where the alleged victim was treated. After receiving a report, the Sexual Victims Unit (SVU) of the Darien Police Department typically conducts an investigation. A typical investigation includes witness statements and evidence collected from the alleged victim. A rape kit is usually done if the alleged victim reports to the hospital.

    What Evidence is Collected During a Forensic Medical Examination?

    The forensic medical examination includes gathering information from the patient, a physical examination, documentation of biological and physical findings, and collection of evidence. In addition, the forensic medical examination may include treatment and referral for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancies, suicidal ideation, alcohol and substance abuse, and other non-acute medical concerns. A follow-up visit is provided as needed for additional healing, treatment, or the collection of evidence.

    If a hospital employs a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE), they are usually the person to conduct a forensic medical examination on the victim. These are registered nurses who have completed additional education and training to provide comprehensive health care to survivors of sexual assaults.

    What Evidence do Investigators Look For?

    Evidence in a Darien sexual assault investigation can consist of any DNA verification of the alleged attacker, documents of the injuries, eye witness testimonies, corroborating statements or proof of the victim’s allegations, social media data, text messages, and phone records.

    Are Investigations and Trials Public Information?

    The victim’s identity is kept confidential to the public and will not be released unless they make a public statement. On the other hand, the alleged attacker’s identity is not kept confidential and becomes public once an arrest is made.

    Do Investigations Involve Polygraph Tests?

    Polygraphs are deemed unreliable evidence by the court, so they are not typically used by law enforcement during an investigation. However, they are used very often by the defense.  The defense may have the defendant submit themselves to a polygraph, and those findings are presented to the prosecution as evidence of their innocence.

    Reach Out to an Experienced Darien Sexual Assault Attorney

    It is important to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer because sexual assault charges are quite serious. If convicted, you could face jail time, a permanent criminal record, and placement on the sex offender registry. For help resolving your Darien sexual assault investigation, call Mark Sherman Law today.