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    Darien Sexual Assault Lawyer

    Sexual assault charges in Darien can carry serious legal penalties and social stigma. The best way to protect your interests is with a top criminal defense attorney by your side. Call a Darien sexual assault lawyer today.

    What is Sexual Assault in Darien?

    In Connecticut, several different sex crimes fall under the umbrella of sexual assault, including battery, rape, and statutory rape. There are four degrees of sexual assault charge.


    First-degree sexual assault occurs when a person compels someone to engage in sexual intercourse by the use of force or by the threat of the use of force against the individual. First-degree sexual assault is also charged when a person is mentally incapacitated and unable to consent to the sexual contact, or they are under the age of 13 when they engage in sex with someone who is more than two years older. Aggravated sexual assault in the first degree occurs when the offender commits this crime while armed with a deadly weapon and threatens the use of the weapon. A lawyer in Darien could help you if you were accused of sexual assault in the first degree.


    Second-degree sexual assault occurs when one engages in sexual intercourse with another person who is between the ages of 13 and 15 years old and the actor is more than three years older. This crime may also occur when someone is impaired because of mental disability or disease, and they are unable to consent to sexual intercourse. Usually, this crime happens when someone is a patient of a doctor, a psychologist, or a psychotherapist, regardless of the ages of both parties.


    Third-degree sexual assault is when an individual compels someone to submit to sexual contact by the use of force or by the threat of the use of force which reasonably causes the person to fear physical injury to themselves or to a third person.


    Fourth-degree sexual assault occurs when someone subjects an individual who is less than thirteen years of age to sexual contact, and the offender is more than two years older. Fourth-degree sexual assault also occurs if the alleged victim is between 13 or 15 years old, and the actor is more than three years older. Sexual contact means any contact with the intimate parts of someone for the purposes of sexual gratification of the actor or for the purpose of degrading or humiliating that person. An attorney in Darien could help you if you have been accused of sexual assault in the fourth degree.

    What is the Statute of Limitations in Darien?

    The statute of limitations for sexual assault of a minor in Darien, Connecticut is 30 years from the date the victim obtained the age of majority or five years from the date the victim notifies the police. There is no statute of limitations from the time a person could be prosecuted if the victim notified the police not later than five years after the commission of the offense.

    Why is it Important to Hire a Defense Lawyer When Facing Sexual Assault Allegations?

    A person accused of this offense might not hire a defense attorney if they do not take the case seriously. This happens most typically with cases involving college students. College students may not understand the severity of the charges being brought against them.

    Not hiring a defense attorney in Darien for sexual assault charges is a mistake because the charges are serious and carry hefty jail sentences. A conviction could result in a permanent felony criminal record which might prevent someone from obtaining employment in the future. A college student could be expelled from school. There are many long-term consequences that extend past jail, including steep fines and probation time. The top three qualities an individual charged with sexual assault should look for in an attorney are:

    • Experience defending these charges
    • Intense knowledge of the law and the specific exemptions in the Connecticut sexual assault code
    • Excellent reputation and relationships with the prosecutor and the courthouse

    It is most important that a defense attorney understands the way the courthouse and the prosecutors work to get the best possible disposition for their client.

    Contact a Darien Sexual Assault Attorney Today

    All four degrees of sexual assault are serious offenses. Local judges and prosecutors take these offenses seriously, and without a proper defense you could face incarceration. The best way to defend yourself against these allegations is to retain a top defense attorney. A Darien sexual assault lawyer could fight for an optimum outcome to your case.