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    Foxwoods Casino Sexual Assault Lawyer

    Being accused of sexual assault at Foxwoods Casino is a serious allegation, even if you do not have an existing criminal record in Connecticut. If charged, you may face investigation, arrest, and/or prosecution by both state authorities and tribal law enforcement.

    Knowing what to do when faced with such charges can be difficult, but the guidance of a seasoned Foxwood Casino sexual assault lawyer can help make this process much more manageable. Contact Mark Sherman Law today to start working with a dedicated defense attorney on your unique case.

    What Are the Various Degrees of Sexual Assault?

    Someone arrested for sexual assault in Connecticut will often face charges under one of four state statutes, each corresponding to a different “degree” of sexual assault. Sexual Assault in the Forth Degree—which entails someone engaging in sexual contact with someone who materially cannot consent to sex without the use of force—carries the least severe punishments under state law. This is the only offense that may be classified as a misdemeanor if the alleged victim is over 16 years old.

    All other sexual assault offenses are considered felonies and are punishable by prison terms that are a minimum of one year in length. Sexual Assault in the Third Degree involves someone using or threatening to use force to compel sexual contact. Sexual Assault in the Second Degree typically involves someone having sexual intercourse with someone who materially cannot consent without using force. Sexual Assault in the First Degree generally involves someone using or threatening force to compel sexual intercourse, but it may also be applied to other circumstances noted in Connecticut General Statutes §53a-70.

    Furthermore, all sexual assault offenses increase by one level of severity if the individual targeted by the defendant is under 16 years old. For example, a fourth-degree offense goes from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class D felony, a third-degree offense from a Class D felony to a Class C felony, and so on. An attorney serving Foxwoods Casino can explain a sexual assault charge’s implications and possible sanctions during a private consultation.

    What Are Possible Defenses Against Sexual Assault Allegations at Foxwoods Casino?

    Part of what can make sexual assault allegations at Foxwoods Casino particularly complex are the extensive camera networks that the casino has. There is often substantial video evidence of everything that happens within the casino outside of private guest rooms, and this footage could be vital to include as exculpatory evidence.

    Obtaining witness testimony from those present before or after an alleged assault could also prove vital in a defense case. A skilled attorney could help collect, preserve, and challenge evidence (if necessary) related to a sexual assault charge at Foxwoods Casino.

    Speak with a Foxwoods Casino Sexual Assault Attorney Today

    Allegations of sexual assault are not taken lightly under state law. Accusations of this degree are an extremely serious matter that may result in severe consequences. This is especially true if the allegations stem from time spent at Foxwoods Casino, where both state and tribal authorities could play roles in your ensuing criminal proceedings.

    Because a Foxwoods Casino sexual assault lawyer is uniquely experienced in handling these cases, enlisting their help could make all the difference in your case’s outcome. Click here to read our over 300 certified client reviews on, and call Mark Sherman Law today to learn more.