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    Trial Preparation for Greenwich Third-Degree Assault Cases

    The initial meeting between a skilled third-degree assault lawyer and potential client usually begins with introductions. It is important for an attorney to get an idea of the person’s character to build a foundation for trial preparation for Greenwich third-degree assault cases. Speaking with an attorney can give you the peace of mind necessary to move forward with your defense.

    Important Information to Share With an Attorney

    The attorney will want to know everything that happened during the alleged incident, including the accused’s side of the story, what other people are saying, who called the police, and whether there were any injuries. A lot of times at the initial meeting, the attorney does not yet have the police report so they will want to hear everything.

    They will want to know whether anybody went to the hospital or doctor as a result of the incident and whether there are any documents related to it. The attorney will want to see those and eventually they will want the police reports of any witness statements. They will have another meeting with the potential client to go over them.

    Are Any Documents Generated While Meeting a Lawyer?

    During the preparation meeting, the attorney may want some other types of documents the accused will be able to produce then. If the defendant communicated by phone to the other party, an experienced defense attorney will have a program to be able to extract those texts or calls from the defendant’s phone. For example, the defendant was removed from home during the arrest and is harassing someone via text message or calls, perhaps trying to persuade the alleged victim to help get the case dropped.

    What is a Charging Document?

    In Connecticut, the charging document is called the information. Essentially, it is a piece of paper that says the charge what the defendant is facing. It also will give the date and the town where the crime is alleged to have happened. The document is created by the prosecutor and is kept in the defendant’s file. In Greenwich, the prosecutor in Stamford Superior Court state’s attorney’s office creates create the information document.

    It important to examine the information document before a trial to make sure that, the charge is accurate. A critical part of trial preparation for Greenwich third-degree assault cases is being on the same page with a lawyer about court expectations.

    Benefits of Speaking With an Assault Attorney

    A lawyer can help a person facing third-degree assault charges to contemplate their legal options for court by telling the potential client what kind of penalty they may face with each option they have. The lawyer will consider the person’s background, criminal history, if any, and the victim’s attitude toward the case and weigh the pros and cons of each of those options to give the individual a reasonable estimate of what they face.

    Assumptions about the case and the contents of the information document might be detrimental to the welfare of the overall case if the attorney is guilty of making them, such as the charge, what is in the document and what the prosecutor needs to prove. It is critical to have legal assistance that is familiar with all of the elements of the charge for well-versed trial preparation for Greenwich third-degree assault cases.