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    Child Custody Associated with Greenwich Third-Degree Assault

    Domestic violence in Connecticut is an umbrella term that covers a lot of crimes. When the crime occurs between one person and another and they are either married, in a dating relationship or previously in a relationship, are roommates, or family, it will typically fall under the domestic violence law, regardless of the actual charge. One of the consequences of third-degree assault charges is a loss or change in child custody. If you want to know more about child custody associated with Greenwich third-degree assault work with a qualified third-degree assault lawyer that could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

    Immediate Danger in Child Custody Cases?

    Child custody associated with Greenwich third-degree assault could be impacted if the child was present or injured during the incidence and an automatic referral is made by the Greenwich police department to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF). That will not necessarily influence their custody, but the parents will have to deal with a DCF case until it is closed.

    Immediate danger in child custody debates for domestic violence cases that stem from third-degree assault charges are defined as the child is at risk of being harmed, either physically or emotionally, by the defendant. The criminal court does not deal with child custody it will not make that determination.

    Factors Judges May Consider When it Comes to Child Custody

    A judge in a criminal court does not consider child custody and parental visitation rights in Greenwich, except when a protective order is extended to a child or there needs to be a carve-out, say to a full no-contact protective order. As an example, that may be done if one parent has to pick up a child or children from the other parent, the judge needs to consider that and allow an exception for drop-offs and pick-ups of the minor children.

    Value of a Third-Degree Assault Lawyer in Greenwich

    An experienced criminal defense attorney in Greenwich can help a person accused of third-degree assault maintain child custody or visitation rights by connecting with the person’s family attorney if there is a child custody case, divorce, post-divorce action also underway in the courthouse. They will work with the other attorney to find out what that attorney needs for the family case. Often, counseling that a defendant is doing in the criminal case can carry over and be used to benefit the person in the family case.

    By working together, they can have the defendant do something that benefits both cases. The criminal attorney can also work to have the protective orders modified to allow the defendant to have access to the children by perhaps allowing a carve-out for them to go to the protected person’s home to pick up their kids or pick them up from school, or work it out so that visitation is as seamless as it can be under the circumstances. If an individual wants to know more about Child custody associated with Greenwich third-degree assault, they should speak with a skilled assault attorney that could help.