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    Defense for Third-Degree Assault in Greenwich

    Anyone interested in building a defense for third-degree assault in Greenwich should be sure to follow all conditions of the court orders because violating a protective order is a very serious felony charge and will make the case a lot more complicated. Assault charges are considered serious and have severe consequences attached to them. It may be critical to contact a distinguished third-degree assault attorney to begin building your case. 

    Essential Evidence to the Defense

    Cell phone records are helpful to a defense for third-degree assault in Greenwich. They can be especially helpful if the couple has been fighting consistently over time and the problem escalates into something physical that leads to a third-degree assault charge. In these cases, it is helpful to have evidence regarding the true instigator of the fight. If there is any allegation that an injury was given to the other person, it is important to have any medical documents related to that alleged injury. If the person went to the hospital, an attorney would want to access the medical records related to that visit.

    Common defenses include self-defense, denial that the event in question actually happened, and accidental injury. As defined by Greenwich law, anyone protecting themselves from bodily harm is allowed to use as much force as necessary to protect themselves. This is a somewhat vague wording, and courts sometimes do not apply the definition as lawyers might want them to, but usually, a person should get in touch with a lawyer for help using that defense when it is appropriate. A person is allowed by the law to protect someone else from bodily harm by using only the amount of force necessary to prevent them from being harmed.

    Handling the First Accusation

    From the very beginning of the arraignment, the attorney would try to make the conditions of the person’s release, as well as the protective order, as lenient as possible to help the person be able to continue on with their life. A domestic violence lawyer often works with the prosecutors to negotiate a resolution that would get the case dropped. If unable to get the case dropped, an attorney can also go directly to the judge and ask the judge to suspend the prosecution of the case, leading to an eventual dismissal of the charge.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    A person should seek an experienced attorney from the very first moment they walk into court because these cases are overwhelming and intricate. The accused has to interview with the family relations office and then appear in front of a judge all in the very first court day. An accused individual needs someone that has been there before, who is familiar with the judges and the procedures, and who knows the prosecutors in Stamford Superior Court in order to get the case closed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

    When creating a defense for third-degree assault in Greenwich, it is important to hire a lawyer will help ensure that all of their rights are protected every step of the way. The lawyer will be able to argue for a less burdensome protective order and argue as to why certain conditions may not work with potential client’s schedule or life in general. The lawyer will try to find something else that works for the court. An experienced lawyer may also be able to help get the case wrapped up more quickly than it would likely resolve without a lawyer.