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    Greenwich Third-Degree Assault Counseling Options

    In Greenwich, assault in the third degree is when one person intentionally makes contact with another person. An assault in the third-degree charge in Connecticut is a Class A misdemeanor. Charges can be brought against any person who allegedly hits or strikes another person. Specifically for domestic violence, they would need to be in a relationship such as dating, roommate, or family.

    The relationship between the accuser and the accused have could be critical to potential Greenwich third-degree assault counseling options. Therefore, it could be beneficial to speak with an experienced third-degree assault attorney right away.

    Common Therapy Defense Strategies

    An experienced domestic assault attorney can use a couple of strategies to help a person charged with third-degree assault in Greenwich. The most common strategy is to counsel the potential client and advise them to reach out to a therapist, either a licensed marriage and family therapist or a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, depending on the situation and the specifics of the case.

    That is especially true when it is likely that the state has a case against the accused. That will help to show the judge and the court that the person is taking the case seriously and wants to remedy the situation to make sure it never happens again.

    Impact of Meeting Family Relations Counselors

    In addition, an experienced attorney will know how to work with the Office of the Family Relations counselors for the initial meeting at the person’s arraignment as well as a follow-up intake meeting. The likelihood of the case getting dropped and eventually dismissed is increased when the family relations officer decides to take a case. The attorney will know to work with them and will be familiar with the requirements for taking a case as well as resolving it.

    What is Considered Legal Self-Defense?

    Self-defense is one of the most well-known defense strategies when Greenwich third-degree assault counseling options are not likely. Self-defense is defined as when a person admits they assaulted another person but did so only to defend themselves. It is often the case that someone started a fight with the defendant, the defendant fought back and defended themselves and ended up getting arrested. By definition, an individual is allowed to use self-defense to defend themselves but only enough force that is reasonably necessary to actually defend them from the threat.

    Negotiating Possible Counseling Programs

    A criminal defense attorney can help someone create Greenwich third-degree assault defense strategies prior to trial. They can help negotiate counseling for things such as anger management depending on the details pertaining to the case. For example, if alcohol was involved, maybe the criminal defense attorney would recommend an alcohol counselor and so on. That will be something the defense attorney can use in court to help negotiate the best-case scenario for the accused.

    Another way to pursue Greenwich third-degree assault counseling options is submitting an application for what is called the Family Violence Education Program that has anger management classes through the court. If the defense attorney can convince the judge to give the potential client that program, the charges would eventually be dismissed and erased entirely from the record.