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    Benefits of a Greenwich Hit and Run Lawyer

    After being dealt an evading responsibility charge, an individual is often left overwhelmed and intimidated by the impending legal process. Because of this, it is crucial that any individual in such a situation contact an attorney immediately. There are a variety of benefits to consulting with an evading responsibility lawyer, most importantly that they can act as your advocate and fight for a reduction or dismissal of your charge. If you are facing any penalties associated with an evading responsibility charge, it is pertinent that you contact an attorney immediately to begin mounting a strong defense against the prosecution.

    Advantages to Retaining an Attorney

    There are many benefits of a Greenwich evading responsibility lawyer that can positively influence an individual’s case. If someone has not yet been arrested and they are just being investigated, an evading responsibility attorney can get involved and speak with the Greenwich Police Department to try to avoid an arrest.

    If the person is already arrested or if they end up being arrested, the attorney can talk to the prosecutor from the beginning to understand what is needed to alleviate concerns. The attorney can show that the person was not intoxicated, that they are fully insured, and that the other person received restitution.

    The attorney can also file a motion to preserve evidence, file discovery motions, review all of the police reports, make sure all of the person’s rights are protected, and ensure that the police did everything correctly. Sometimes, an evading responsibility attorney can help the client give a statement when it is helpful during the investigation stage.

    Filing a Motion

    Another benefit of a Greenwich evading responsibility attorney is that they can file motions with a prosecutor. They can further scrutinize all of the police reports to pull out any helpful evidence. A lawyer might request video surveillance especially if the accident happened in a parking lot or on a street intersection where there are businesses that have video surveillance. Finally, an evading responsibility lawyer can get in contact with their client’s insurance company to get proof of all insurance.

    Important Case Information

    When beginning an evading responsibility case, an attorney will ask their client whether the car was validly insured on the day of the accident. The next question will almost always pertain to why the person left the scene of the accident.

    An experienced lawyer can determine whether their client really did leave the scene, and whether they actually did not provide any information. An attorney will determine if it was possible for the client to pull over or whether the accident happened on a busy highway or a place where it was not safe to pull over.

    A Greenwich evading responsibility attorney will find out if the person called the police themselves, even if they did initially pull away. From there, the lawyer will look for information to prove that the person was not intoxicated and to prove that they are insured. They will try to get information about insurance payouts to the damaged party immediately to prevent anyone thinking that the damaged party is out of pocket.

    Dismissal of the Charge

    In some cases, it is possible to get the charges dismissed, especially with misdemeanor evading cases where the person was not in trouble previously. That is when an individual could possibly apply for the accelerated rehabilitation program. One benefit of an evading responsibility attorney is that they can often convince the judge to give the accused individual the option of enrolling in such a program, and possibly have all other charges dismissed.