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    Ridgefield Student Defense Lawyer

    College should be a time for young people to learn more about themselves and the world around them, but ideally not the part of the world that deals with criminal justice and law enforcement. Unfortunately, college students can—and very often do—face criminal charges of various kinds while away at school, sometimes even for offenses categorized as felonies and punishable upon a first-time conviction by thousands of dollars in fines and years of imprisonment.

    Support from an experienced criminal defense attorney can be key to proactively addressing both criminal charges and the school disciplinary proceedings that often accompany them. Call our team today to work with a Ridgefield student defense lawyer.

    Common Criminal Charges Faced by Students

    Almost everyone who attends classes at a college or university in Connecticut is over the age of 18, which means they are legally adults in the eyes of the Connecticut court system and may be prosecuted as such if they are accused of breaking the law. While every criminal case and every criminal defendant involved in one is unique, an experienced Ridgefield student defense attorney can help handle accusations of:

    Even if a college student has no prior criminal or juvenile record, courts may still sentence them harshly to discourage future illegal behavior. That said, there is still a lot that a skilled attorney can potentially do to negotiate with court authorities on a young person’s behalf for alternative sentencing arrangements—for example, participation in an diversionary program instead of fines and jail or prison time.

    Dealing With School Disciplinary Proceedings

    Even if court proceedings stemming from a criminal allegation against a college student end with an acquittal or dismissal of charges, that student may still face serious repercussions from their school for their alleged misconduct. Virtually every act that the Connecticut Penal Code prohibits is also prohibited by the Codes of Conduct enforced by colleges and universities across Connecticut—and unlike criminal defendants, students in disciplinary hearings will not necessarily be guaranteed the right to remain silent, have legal counsel provided to them, or be judged by a jury of their peers.

    Additionally, the standard of proof for school disciplinary action is very often easier to meet compared to the standards that criminal courts are held to, and students facing this kind of action may not be allowed to have private legal representation in the room with them when they go before a conduct board or council. That said, a student defense lawyer in Ridgefield can still help a student prepare a comprehensive defense strategy and practice what they should say before this kind of proceeding begins.

    Get Help From a Ridgefield Student Defense Attorney

    Defending yourself against criminal charges is never easy, but it can be especially difficult while you are also enrolled in college or university. Fortunately, there is help available from dedicated legal professionals with a track record of getting good results on behalf of people dealing with cases much like yours.

    A confidential consultation with a Ridgefield student defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Mark Sherman can give you clarity about your rights and confidence regarding your next steps. Schedule yours by calling today, and click here to read what our past clients have said about working with us.