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    Stamford Domestic Violence Investigations

    If you have been accused of familial or domestic violent crimes, it could be critical to understand what that could mean for your future. Domestic violence is defined as an incident among families or household members resulting in physical harm, bodily injury, assault. Family violence can also be defined as an act of threat and violence that constitutes fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, or assault. Your involvement with Stamford domestic violence investigations can feel daunting. Therefore, it could be beneficial to speak with an experienced domestic violence attorney who can help you try ensuring your rights are not violated.

    What is the Commonality of False Accusations?

    The most common domestic violence crimes include assault, sexual assault, strangulation, violation of a protective order, disorderly conduct, and threatening. False accusations are fairly common in domestic violence cases, especially in cases involving a pending divorce. A person might falsely accuse another of domestic violence for a number of reasons. They may want to gain leverage in a divorce case. The most common reason is that someone just exaggerates things in the heat of the moment.

    Understanding the Domestic Violence Investigation Process

    Stamford domestic violence investigations can be complicated based on the relationships of those involved. There are many moving pieces, so it is helpful to have a defense attorney who understands them and can explain them to a person being investigated for domestic violence.

    The initial part of a family violence investigation includes law enforcement officers responding to a call and investigate the nature of the allegation. Even when no arrests are made, the officer must write up a family violence incident report.

    Police officers typically respond to the scene of the call and take witness statements from all parties involved including any third party witnesses. They usually make a determination based on the initial assessment of the situation. When physical abuse is alleged, the officers look for any markings or bruising on the victim.

    How Do Family Investigations Differ From Other Criminal Investigations?

    Domestic violence investigations are different from other investigations due to the influence of the Office of Family Relations and the Department of Children and Families. A person must do interviews with the Office of Family Relations which is unique to domestic violence investigation.

    How Does the Stamford Court Treat Domestic Violence Accusations?

    The court’s primary concern is safeguarding the family or household members. They take aggressive steps to make sure that safety is maintained. That can mean the person accused of domestic violence cannot return to their home. That is why it is especially important that a person contacts a lawyer who can inform them about the process to make sure they do not violate any conditions of their release or the protective order.

    Contact an Attorney for Help with a Domestic Violence Investigation in Stamford

    The accused always has the right to remain silent and demand a lawyer when being questioned for Stamford domestic violence investigations. They have the same right when dealing with Department of Children and Families, to not cooperate in their investigation.

    It is important that you speak with an attorney so that you are aware of your rights. The burden of proof rests with the prosecutors in Stamford. The person can gather evidence to refute the accuser’s testimony, provide an alibi, and furnish other relevant facts of the case. Call our firm today to learn more.