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    Interfering with 911 Call in Stamford

    There are a number of different ways in which you could end up facing criminal charges because of something that occurred during a domestic dispute, including obstructing a family or household member from placing an emergency call.

    If you are accused of interfering with a 911 call in Stamford, a seasoned domestic violence lawyer could offer guidance about every aspect of your case and support you all the way to its conclusion.

    What Does Interfering With a 911 Call Mean?

    Interfering with an emergency call is defined as a criminal offense in Connecticut General Statutes §53a-183b. According to this statute, a person in Stamford may be arrested for interfering with a 911 call if they take any physical or verbal action to intentionally obstruct someone from contacting law enforcement via telephone or radio, whether that person intended to report a crime being committed or summon help or protection from police.

    What are the Penalties for this Crime?

    The statute further defines this offense as a class A misdemeanor, the most serious of misdemeanor offenses. If convicted of this charge, a person in Connecticut may face maximum penalties of a year in jail and a $2,000 fine. Depending on the circumstances, this offense may also be accompanied by additional charges stemming from the same incident, such as disorderly conduct or assault. To learn more about Stamford disorderly conduct arrests click here, and to learn more about Stamford assault charges click here.

    When is Interfering with a 911 Call Domestic Violence?

    This offense may be considered an act of domestic violence if it involves interference with a relationship partner, spouse, family member, or household member trying to reach emergency services. In this situation, a defendant may face additional non-criminal penalties, including the issuance of a protective order, and even investigation by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. A Stamford Interfering with a 911 Call lawyer can help you defend against the related domestic violence consequences.

    Can You Contest Allegations of Interfering with an Emergency Call in Stamford?

    Yes. Documentary evidence often proves to be crucial when contesting allegations of interference with an emergency call, even for the defense . In the interest of clarifying what really happened prior to a defendant’s arrest, a domestic violence attorney could motion to preserve recordings of the call in question, police reports, and other physical and electronic evidence, as well as solicit testimony from witnesses to the alleged offense. Putting context to what happened can be a very effective way to combat charges, however a Stamford defense attorney can help analyze your specific case to find the best defense for you.

    Speak with a Stamford Attorney About Contesting Interfering with 911 Call Charges

    Anyone facing charges for interfering with a 911 call in Stamford should speak with a qualified lawyer as soon as possible about how best to approach their case. You can read our hundreds of certified client reviews by following this link to  Then, call today at 203-258-4700 to set up a consultation and start working on your legal defense.