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    Stamford Domestic Violence Arrest Lawyer

    If you have been accused of a criminal offense classified as domestic violence, you may be facing not only criminal penalties like fines and prison time but also various restrictions and sanctions to be handed down in family court. With a Stamford domestic violence arrest lawyer by your side, you may stand a much better of achieving a mutually beneficial resolution to your case and maintaining both your relationship with your family and your personal freedom.

    What Are Actions That Could Lead to an Arrest for Domestic Violence?

    As a skilled attorney can attest, depending on the circumstances, a person may be arrested for domestic violence in Stamford on many different grounds. One of the most common charges associated with domestic violence is criminal assault, which Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-61 defines as a class A misdemeanor in its most basic form.

    Another commonly seen Stamford Domestic violence charge is disorderly conduct C.G.S. §53a-182 as a class C misdemeanor. To learn more about disorderly conduct in Stamford, click here.

    More serious offenses, such as actions that allegedly endanger or harm children, on the other hand, are almost always defined in C.G.S. §53-20 through 53-21a as felony offenses, with the exception of criminal negligence in providing for basic needs and leaving a child under 12 years unaccompanied in a vehicle or place of public accommodation during daylight hours, which are both class A misdemeanors.

    While these statutes are the ones most commonly seen in domestic violence cases, any offense that directly impacts or harms a family member, relationship partner, spouse, or household member may be considered domestic violence by a Connecticut court.

    Can Someone Avoid Criminal Sanctions?

    If someone has been arrested for and convicted of domestic violence multiple times before, they may have their work cut out for them if they want to avoid serious criminal sanctions and restrictions on their custody and visitation rights. In some cases, a skilled domestic violence arrest attorney in Stamford may be able to negotiate enrollment in the Connecticut Family Violence Education Program as a substitute for criminal prosecution, but this option is not available in all situations.

    On the other hand, a defendant with no prior record may have better odds of resolving their case without going to trial. For example, some cases based on a charge of domestic violence disorderly conduct can be resolved by showing the court that the dispute leading to the defendant’s arrest has been resolved itself.

    Consult with a Stamford Domestic Violence Arrest Attorney Today

    Before taking any action to contest your arrest yourself, consider talking to a Stamford domestic violence arrest lawyer about the best course of action to take. To learn more about how the dedicated lawyers at Mark Sherman Law can help, read our hundreds of certified reviews here, and give us a call.