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    Westport Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

    When a minor faces criminal charges, it is wise to develop an appropriate defense plan with help from a Westport juvenile crimes lawyer. Reach out to an experienced defense attorney today.

    Does the Juvenile Justice System Provide Rehabilitative Services?

    Yes. Sometimes, an arrest is a result of an underlying problem and the person could benefit from counseling, education, and other assistance. A Westport juvenile crimes attorney could help locate these services and fight to help the accused gain access to treatment to address the underlying cause of the behavior.

    Some children and adolescents may have their cases processed through juvenile court, but others will work through non-judicial procedures. Regardless of how a case is prosecuted, however, an attorney could work to find assistance to meet the needs of the family.

    Can an Adult be Present During Police Questioning?

    Yes. A minor has the right to have an adult present during questioning. In fact, minors cannot legally consent to make a statement without a parent. A Westport juvenile defense lawyer could provide advice and speak on behalf of family members to help them understand and protect their rights. If police have violated someone’s rights, an attorney can work to ensure that information gained will not be used against the family.

    Children and adolescents have additional rights if they have been placed in juvenile detention. For instance, they have the right to attend school, make certain phone calls, and visit with their lawyers.

    What Happens in Juvenile Court?

    The Juvenile Courts serving Westport operate through the Superior Court. Under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-122, juvenile matters must be kept separate from other court business whenever possible. The Court in such cases is required to exclude everyone from the courtroom except for individuals the judge believes to be necessary.

    In addition, police reports and court records are supposed to be sealed and unavailable to the public. However, certain information may be available unless action is taken to prevent an unfavorable impression. Moreover, if a case is transferred to the adult court system, all confidentiality is lost.

    Work with an Experienced Westport Juvenile Crimes Attorney

    Juvenile defense can be complicated, and it can differ tremendously from traditional adult criminal defense. If a youth in your family has been arrested or is under investigation, it is a good idea to talk to an experienced Westport juvenile crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

    Assistance from an experienced juvenile advocate can prevent costly missteps and help lead to a promising outcome. For a consultation to learn more about the advantages a juvenile defense attorney could provide in your case, call Mark Sherman Law.