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    Westport Operating a Drug Factory Lawyer

    As top defense attorneys know, simply finding certain items of drug paraphernalia in a basement, bedroom, or closet can be enough to trigger a charge of operating a drug factory. If you were arrested for drugs, contact a Westport operating a drug factory lawyer for help with your case.

    What is Operating a Drug Factory in Westport?

    Of all the Connecticut drug offenses commonly handled by Westport attorneys, operating a drug factory can be one of the most confusing and one of the most serious. The law allows for you to be charged with this crime without actually operating anything and in a setting as far removed as possible from a traditional factory.  Anyone charged with operating a drug factory in Westport may face one or more specific crimes under this statute, including:

    • Drug synthetic substitute manufacturing
    • Drug processing, including mixing with other substances
    • Transportation with intent to distribute or sell it
    • Drug paraphernalia possession, including information on drug production

    What Constitutes a “Drug Factory” in Westport?

    In Connecticut, a drug factory is defined as any place used to manufacture, mix, distribute, refine, or hold an illicit substance under Connecticut General Statutes § 21a-240. For instance, this section defines a “factory” as any building or location that either is used for manufacturing, storing, or packaging illegal substances, or contains equipment or paraphernalia used for such purposes. Under this definition, virtually any room containing certain types of drug paraphernalia can be treated as a “drug factory situation.”

    Furthermore, while this statute includes references to items that are clearly used for illegal drugs such as bongs and cocaine spoons, it also defines containers used for packaging small quantities of drugs or used to conceal or store controlled substances as drug paraphernalia. Any plastic bag or other container could transform an ordinary room into a drug factory if other circumstances appeared suspicious to police officers.

    How Can I Challenge my Westport Arrest for Operating a Drug Factory?

    In many cases, people found to have a small quantity of drugs in their possession for personal use are charged with operating a drug factory if they have equipment such as a scale, even if there is no evidence that the scale was used in connection with substances not intended for personal consumption. However, it may be possible to challenge the submission of evidence because it was obtained through an illegal search that violated the Constitution or because it cannot be properly produced in court.

    In other situations, it may be advisable to present evidence to demonstrate that you hold a responsible job, pay taxes, and support your community—in other words, you do not produce and sell drugs as your primary source of income.

    Let a Westport Drug Factory Attorney Help

    When you consult a knowledgeable Westport operating a drug factory lawyer, you could gain an advocate who can analyze the circumstances of your case, explain your options, and fight to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Contact our office now to put our experience to work on your side right away.