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    Here’s How to Get Your Greenwich Strangulation Second Degree Arrest Dismissed in Stamford Court

    Here’s How to Get Your Greenwich Strangulation Second Degree Arrest Dismissed in Stamford Court
    • Connecticut’s strangulation statute is broad yet one of the most serious.
    • This crime is one of the more commonly charged crimes in a domestic violence arrest.
    • All Greenwich domestic violence strangulation arrests will be arraigned in the Stamford Superior Court on the very next business day following an arrest.
    • If not handled properly from the arraignment, a strangulation charge can result in a protective order barring you from returning to your home or even speaking to your family.

    What Will Happen at my First Court Date for a Greenwich Strangulation Arrest?

    At your arraignment, you will be forced to sit down for a meeting with an officer from the Office of Family Relations. During this meeting, the Family Relations Officer will ask you questions about your relationship before asking you about the events leading up to your arrest. If you go into this meeting prepared or without a lawyer, you run the risk of incriminating yourself and giving the court more fuel to prosecute you and keep you out of your home.

    A Greenwich Strangulation Arrest Leads to a Protective Order Hearing in Stamford Court

    Anything you tell Family Relations will be reported directly to the judge and used to make a recommendation to the Judge about what level of protective order should be issued against you. Any of the best Greenwich domestic violence attorneys know that it’s sometimes very easy to argue for a low level of protective that allows you to return home.

    What are the Strangulation Laws in Connecticut?

    Under CGS § 53a-64bb, Strangulation in the Second Degree occurs anytime: (1) a person restrains another person by the neck or throat, or (2) obstructs the other person’s nose or mouth with the intention of impeding the other person’s ability to breathe and the other person’s ability to breathe is impeded.

    What Happens if I Violate the Protective / Restraining Order following a Greenwich Strangulation Arrest

    Violating a criminal protective order, even with a phone call, can result in additional arrests and felony charges. Your Greenwich domestic violence attorney has the opportunity to ask the court to issue the least restrictive order to for you—to protect your rights and save you from potential future criminal liability.

    Will the Department of Children and Families Contact Me after My Greenwich Strangulation Arrest?

    With most domestic violence arrests, any time there are children present in the home when the police are called to investigate an incident, the Greenwich Police Department will file a report with DCF alerting them of the incident. If you were investigated or arrested by the police while children were under your care, even if they were asleep and did not witness anything, click here to learn more about Greenwich DCF investigations and contact a  Greenwich attorney who can prepare you for DCF’s initial call and investigation.

    Contact a Greenwich Strangulation Attorney Today

    If you were arrested for a domestic violence strangulation charge in Greenwich, contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law have experience navigating strangulation charges and will help you get your case closed as quickly as possible. Contact us 24/7 at (203) 340-0583. Click here to read certified reviews from prior domestic violence clients.