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    Defending My Reputation Against Connecticut Domestic Violence Charges

    • Getting arrested for domestic violence in Connecticut can seriously damage your reputation.
    • Your arrest may appear on the internet and make the allegations against you seem like facts.
    • Getting your case dismissed as soon as possible is the best way to protect your reputation.

    What is a Domestic Violence Crime in Connecticut?

    Domestic violence arrests are for crimes involving your significant other, spouse, roommate, or anyone related to you by blood or marriage. A domestic violence arrest means you will be in to court the next morning for your arraignment. To learn more about the domestic violence cases, click here. 

    What Happens In Court?

    When you get arrested for a domestic violence charge, the police will often remove you from home for the night. When you go to court, the judge will enter a protective order that may remove you from the house for weeks if not months.

    What is a Protective Order?

    A protective order is an order from the judge protecting the victim. The order will at a minimum order you not to assault, abuse, or harass the victim and at a maximum order that you do not have any contact at all. This order can only be modified by the judge. Click here to learn more about the three types of protective orders.

    How Does My Reputation Get Impacted?

    A Connecticut domestic violence arrest can lead your mug shot front and center on the internet. This usually accompanies an article detailing the allegations against you but in a way that makes it seem like those allegations are facts. These articles often only tell small part of the story to your neighbors, friends, family, and employers.

    Is My Arrest Report Public Information?

    Yes, your arrest report is public information unless your file is sealed by the judge. This means it can be online in an arrest blotter or discovered by anyone who requests a copy of your file from the court clerk, including reporters.

    What Can I Do to Protect My Reputation?

    The best Connecticut domestic violence attorneys will tell you, the best way to help yourself is to get your case dropped or dismissed as soon as possible. This means having putting together the most persuasive materials possible for the prosecutor to review or going straight to the judge and asking the judge to enter you into one of Connecticut’s diversionary programs.

    Will DCF Be Involved?

    Yes, if your children were home for the incident. the police will likely make a referral to DCF. DCF’s will open an investigation and intrude into your life to make sure your children are safe. Click here to learn more about DCF investigations.

    Can I Have My Connecticut Arrest Records Expunged and Erased?

    If you’ve been arrested in Connecticut, you may be eligible to have your arrest records expunged and erased. Under Connecticut’s Erasure Statute § 54-142a, once your case is dismissed your records may be erased. While the law says this should occur automatically, it is sometimes necessary to motion the court to erase these records. Click here to read more about removing arrest records from the Internet.

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