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    Evidence in Connecticut Domestic Violence Cases

    Have you been arrested for a crime in connection with domestic violence in Connecticut? Protect your rights, contact a top Connecticut domestic violence attorney today to start building a credible defense.

    What Constitutes Evidence in CT?

    Evidence in Connecticut domestic violence cases is usually made up of different components. One major type of evidence is testimony, which includes oral and written statements from witnesses to an event, expert witnesses, or others with a connection to the case.

    Physical objects are another important type of evidence. Documentary evidence includes documents written on paper but also things such as photographs and recordings. Documents and other recorded information may be treated as physical evidence in some cases.

    Why is it Important to Collect Evidence Quickly?

    In many cases, it is wise to act to collect and preserve evidence as soon as possible after an alleged domestic violence incident. The scene of the event may change, so photographs should be taken quickly. Because witnesses may be difficult to locate after time passes, it is wise to discover and speak with available witnesses as soon as possible. Moreover, their memories of the event begin to fade and become less credible as time goes by, so taking statements at the earliest available opportunity is also a good idea.

    In domestic violence cases, testimony from witnesses often proves to be a vital element of the case. If witnesses can be found who support a particular version of events, that version may be deemed the most credible by the court.

    Some events may be memorialized in a recording such as that from a security camera. These types of recordings are often quickly erased or recorded over, so quick action to preserve recordings is recommended.

    Is all Evidence Collected Admissible in Court?

    Not all potential evidence is fair game. For evidence to be admissible in court, it must meet certain requirements set forth by the Connecticut rules of evidence. A top Connecticut domestic violence attorney can work to keep improperly collected evidence out of your case.

    Contact a Top Connecticut Domestic Violence Lawyer Today

    Evidence in Connecticut domestic violence cases plays a crucial role, and it is often important to take quick action. For help resolving your charges, contact an experienced domestic violence attorney at Mark Sherman Law as soon as possible. A dedicated defense lawyer could begin collecting and preserving evidence right away to create a strong defense.