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    Connecticut Domestic Violence Investigations

    Are you the subject of a Connecticut domestic violence investigation? Contact a top Connecticut domestic violence attorney today to protect your interests and work towards a swift resolution of the investigation.

    What is Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence is no single crime. It encompasses all “family violence” Connecticut General Statutes (“C.G.S.”) § 46b-38a defines family violence as an incident resulting in physical harm, bodily injury or assault, or threatened violence between family or household members.

    When police receive a domestic violence call they can charge you with a variety of crimes including disorderly conduct, assault, threatening, strangulation, stalking, or sexual assault depending on the facts of the specific case.

    Will a Domestic Violence Arrest Trigger a DCF Investigation?

    If minor children are in the home when an arrest is made for a crime of domestic violence, Connecticut law requires the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to investigate the situation promptly. Investigators usually examine the physical and mental health of children in the home and conduct a home safety assessment. This quick initial assessment is generally followed by an intense investigation that could last up to three months.

    Are DCF Investigations Invasive?

    DCF investigations can become invasive. Investigators often interview family members, physicians, teachers, neighbors, and babysitters, which could be frightening and humiliating for you and your family. In many situations, an experienced domestic violence defense attorney may be able to negotiate reasonable limits on the investigation.

    Common Concerns

    Two important features to be wary of with DCF investigations are the lack of confidentiality and the written plans or agreements you may be asked to sign. Statements you make during a DCF investigation may be shared with police or in court. Additionally, the DCF may prepare a written safety plan or agreement. If you sign the agreement and then fail to abide by any of the terms, you may be taken to court for the violation.

    What do the Police Look For?

    When investigating claims of domestic abuse, police will look for witnesses who may have information about what happened, they may look for text conversations or emails between the parties involved, and / or they may take photos of the scene among other things. This evidence could potentially be used against you later in negotiations or at trial.

    Contact a Top Connecticut Domestic Violence Attorney Today

    Protect your rights. Connecticut domestic violence investigations are nothing to take lightly. If you face allegations of domestic violence, contact a top Connecticut domestic violence lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today to discuss your case and where to go next.