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    Connecticut Spousal Abuse Lawyer

    If you are facing accusations of violence against your spouse, it is wise to consult a knowledgeable Connecticut spousal abuse lawyer. A criminal defense attorney familiar with domestic violence procedures and requirements could help defend against the accusations and minimize negative consequences.

    What Constitutes Spousal Abuse in Connecticut?

    Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-38a explains that an incident may be considered family violence if it involves a violent or threatening act occurring between people in a family, intimate, or household relationship. This type of relationship includes spouses and former spouses as well as couples who have lived together in the past or present.

    Many different crimes may be treated as spousal abuse or family violence offenses. Some of the most common include criminal threatening in the first or second degree, stalking in the first, second, or third degree, and various forms of assault, including sexual assault. These crimes may be either misdemeanors or felonies, so the potential penalties vary. An attorney in Connecticut could help someone accused of spousal abuse.

    Will Courts Impose Protective Order for Spousal Abuse?

    In domestic violence situations, the courts may impose criminal protective orders that restrict communication between the parties. The order may prohibit all contact between individuals or permit only certain actions and communications. It is vital to understand the terms of any order and know how to comply. Failure to abide by all terms could result in criminal penalties, even if the order violated was issued by a civil court and even if there are no criminal charges pending.

    Criminal violation of a protective order is a Class C or D felony punishable by up to ten years in prison. A Connecticut spousal abuse attorney could assist in explaining the terms and determining which actions are prohibited. A spousal abuse attorney may also be able to negotiate less burdensome terms.

    Will Spousal Abuse Trigger a DCF Investigation?

    If children are present or nearby during a domestic dispute, the Department of Children and Families may be called in to investigate. Although DCF does not have the power to charge someone with a criminal offense, they can take actions against parental rights and even have children removed from the home. If someone has further questions about how spousal abuse may affect their family dynamic, contact a Connecticut attorney.

    Consult an Experienced Connecticut Spousal Abuse Attorney Today

    The social stigma of a domestic violence conviction can have a serious impact on your employment opportunities, housing, and even social interactions. An experienced Connecticut spousal abuse lawyer could help you fight the charges and move forward with your life. To learn more about how a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer could help in your situation, call Mark Sherman Law.