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    Yale Expulsion Lawyer


    Consulting an experienced Yale expulsion lawyer is a good place to start when you are facing student misconduct allegations. A top defense lawyer familiar with Yale’s disciplinary procedures can help protect your rights while fighting to reach a positive outcome in your case.

    Are There Degrees of Severity in Potential Penalties?

    According to the Yale College Undergraduate Regulations, the school can impose a variety of sanctions on you. If you are threatened with expulsion, you may be able to convince the school that another penalty is more appropriate under the circumstances. Gathering the appropriate evidence to support this suggestion is crucial.

    How Serious Are Reprimands, Restrictions, and Probation?

    The least serious penalty is a school “reprimand” on a student’s record. Evidence of the reprimand is destroyed upon graduation.

    Yale may also impose a “restriction” on students. This penalty prevents the student from exercising certain privileges, using specified facilities, or participating in activities.

    When you are placed on “probation”, this is a warning of “official jeopardy.” If you were to commit an offense considered “serious” by the administration, you can be suspended or expelled.

    Can I Be Required to Pay Fines and Restitutions?

    Yale may impose a fine on students as the school deems “appropriate.” Students may also be required to make financial restitution for any damage or loss caused.
    When a student violates campus housing regulations, the student may be forced to move off campus. Students who are made to leave campus housing do not receive a refund of housing fees.

    Does Yale Enforce Offenses with Expulsion or Suspension?

    Both expulsion and suspension are considered a form of “separation” from the school and both are recorded on a student’s transcript. The only difference between the two is permanency – a student who is expelled cannot apply for reinstatement.

    An expulsion lawyer can advocate for a reduction to a less severe penalty, preferably one that does not lead a mark on the student’s permanent record. If expulsion seems imminent, the attorney can negotiate for a voluntary withdrawal to keep the expulsion notice off the student’s record.

    How Can an Attorney Advocate for my Rights?

    Campus procedures are set up to protect the privacy of students alleging that they are the victims of wrongdoing. It is important to fight to protect the rights of the accused, which are not as extensive in a school disciplinary proceeding as they are in criminal court. A skilled Yale expulsion lawyer knows what kind of information to look for when gathering evidence to mount a strong defense.

    Work with a Knowledgeable Yale Expulsion Attorney

    When you are facing the potential for expulsion, it is critical to take all available measures to protect your rights, record, and future. Allegations of wrongdoing on campus are often false or blown out of proportion. When you face these types of accusations, a Yale expulsion lawyer can help fight for a fair outcome. Contact Mark Sherman Law immediately to learn how a lawyer can help.