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    Darien Sugar Daddy Extortion Lawyer

    While being in an intimate relationship with someone else that is predicated on that person paying you money or providing you with goods or services is not explicitly illegal on its own, attempting to blackmail a “sugar daddy” in order to get more money out of them is a serious felony sex crime that can result in substantial prison time. If you are a “sugar baby” facing allegations that you tried to extort your “sugar daddy,” talking to a Darien “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer about your legal options should be your top priority.

    Extortion of a “Sugar Daddy” as a Criminal Offense

    It is worth noting that while the Connecticut Penal Code prohibits providing sexual services directly in exchange for money or anything else of value, being a “sugar baby”—in other words, providing companionship as part of an intimate relationship which may or may not involve sex—is not treated similarly by law enforcement and court authorities. However, it is against the law for anyone to commit Larceny by way of threatening any form of physical, reputational, financial, or occupational harm unless the property in question is given up.

    Unlike many other Larceny offenses, Larceny by Extortion is always considered Larceny in the First Degree, regardless of the financial value of goods, services, or money involved. As per Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-122, Larceny in the First-Degree is a Class B felony, which means anyone convicted of “sugar daddy” extortion—even someone with no existing criminal record—will face a minimum one-year prison term up to a maximum of 20 years, plus a maximum of $15,000 in fines.

    Additionally, since this offense is categorized as a felony, someone convicted of committing it may be subject to the loss of several civil privileges, including the right to vote, hold public office, and even legally possess a firearm. Representation from a seasoned Darien “sugar daddy” extortion attorney can be vital to effectively fighting charges along these lines and minimizing the sanctions that this sort of case may lead to.

    Can “Sugar Daddies” Sue “Sugar Babies” Over Extortion?

    Another complicating factor that can play a role in “sugar daddy” extortion cases is the threat of civil litigation from the “sugar daddy” who was allegedly being blackmailed. If the “sugar daddy” can prove that private information their “sugar baby” disseminated caused them public embarrassment, financial harm, or emotional distress, they may be able to seek civil damages from that “sugar baby” in addition to pressing criminal charges against them.

    Likewise, if a “sugar baby” blackmails a “sugar daddy” by threatening to disseminate information about them that is not actually true, any actual dissemination of that false info could give rise to a libel or slander lawsuit. A “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer in Darien can provide further guidance about how to handle this side of a possible case as needed.

    Seek Help From a Darien “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney Today

    No matter how it came about or what amount of money was allegedly involved, any allegation that you extorted a “sugar daddy” in Connecticut is an extremely serious matter that warrants an immediate and comprehensive legal response. Support from an experienced Darien “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer is the key to effectively fighting your charges in the short term and protecting your personal and professional prospects in the long term.

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