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    Fairfield Evading Responsibility Lawyer

    Leaving after a car wreck, could result in criminal charges. It is always worth talking to a Fairfield evading responsibility lawyer who you can explain your side of the story more effectively in court and mitigate your risk of facing severe criminal consequences.

    What Do I Have to Do After an Accident?

    After a car accident involving any sort of property damage or physical injury, you are obliged under C.G.S. § 14-224 to After a car wreck, failing to contact information to other involved parties and respond to police officers. Failure to do any of this could result in allegations of “evading responsibility”. Sometimes this is referred to as a “hit and run”.

    What Are The Penalties for Evading Responsibility?

    For a first offense of evading responsibility after a wreck resulting only in property damage and/or minor injuries, a convicted individual may face a fine of between $75 and $600 and a maximum jail term of one year. Subsequent offenses increase the applicable range of fines to between $100 and $1,000.

    If a car crash results in physical injury to anyone involved, a person who prematurely leaves the scene of the wreck may face a prison sentence up to five years in length if convicted of evading responsibility. A convicted party may also be subject to a fine of between $75 and $600 for a first offense, and a fine of between $100 and $1,000 for subsequent offenses.

    Finally, anyone who knowingly evades responsibility after a car accident resulting in serious physical harm or a fatality may face a maximum $20,000 fine and a prison term of between two and 20 years. An experienced Fairfield evading responsibility attorney could help construct a strong defense strategy for any variant of this offense.

    How Can I Defend Against Evading Charges?

    The key element to any conviction for evading responsibility after an auto wreck is proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” that a defendant was aware they were violating C.G.S. §14-224 by not remaining at the scene of that incident until they fulfilled their responsibilities under that statute. However, there may be many reasons that a person might leave an accident scene prematurely without intention or malice, ranging from a simple misunderstanding to an emergency elsewhere.

    With this in mind, a lawyer with experience handling hit and run cases in Fairfield could help clarify the circumstances that led to someone leaving the scene of a car crash before they were supposed to, advocating for decreased penalties or even a dismissal of charges in certain situations. For first offenses that do not involve anyone getting seriously hurt or killed, it may also be possible for legal counsel to seek participation in an accelerated rehabilitation program as an alternative to criminal sentencing for a convicted defendant.

    Speak with a Fairfield Evading Responsibility Attorney Today

    A single charge for evading responsibility in the wake of an auto accident could have severe repercussions for you.  A knowledgeable Fairfield evading responsibility lawyer could provide the custom-tailored assistance to help you fight your case today. Head on over to to see for yourself why so many people are leaving 5-star reviews after working with the Lawyers at Mark Sherman Law. Call today to learn more.