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    Fairfield Disorderly Conduct Investigations

    In many cases, Fairfield disorderly conduct investigations emerge or result from allegations of domestic violence. In these kinds of cases, it may be especially important to seek guidance from a qualified disorderly conduct lawyer about how best to interact with investigators and collect evidence to support your legal position.

    When Would Someone Be Investigated for Disorderly Conduct?

    According to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-182, disorderly conduct includes actions such as blocking pedestrian or vehicle traffic, gathering in public with others and refusing to disperse when ordered to by police, and disrupting someone else’s lawful gathering. When disorderly conduct charges arise in a domestic violence context, though, they usually stem from someone fighting in public, making unreasonable noise, or otherwise bothering someone through offensive and disruptive actions. When the case involves members of the same family or household, it can be classified as domestic violence.

    How Can I be Found Guilty?

    Avoiding a conviction is often the biggest goal in any disorderly conduct defense. This crime is a class C misdemeanor, which means conviction can lead to 3 months in jail and a $500.00 fine. But before sentencing you either need to plead guilty or be found guilty at trial. To prove your guilt, the government will often use witness statements or testimony, statements and testimony from the alleged victim, and any documents they can find like texts or photos.

    Depending on the circumstances, though, certain pieces of evidence may be more beneficial to the defense’s case than that of the prosecution. A skilled local attorney could help someone in Fairfield under investigation for disorderly conduct preserve this kind of evidence so it can be factored into their defense strategy. Legal counsel could also help counter the prosecution’s evidence if it was gathered illegally or in violation of police or court procedures.

    Should You Talk to the Police?

    It is not only possible for people to be investigated for disorderly conduct on somewhat vague grounds—it is actually somewhat common. Not knowing what you are being investigated or arrested for is frustrating, but don’t forget that anything you say to the police can be used against you later on. Any top attorney would advise against speaking to the police until you have spoken with a lawyer.

    Seek Legal Help With Disorderly Conduct Investigations in Fairfield

    If you are currently being investigated for disorderly conduct or suspect you will be subject to such an investigation soon, the next actions you take or don’t take are crucial. Fairfield disorderly conduct investigations can be complex and lengthy ordeals, and you do not want to go through yours alone. A skilled attorney at Mark Sherman Law can help. Check out our hundreds of certified 5-star reviews by following this link, and then call today to begin building your defense.