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    Stamford Disorderly Conduct Penalties

    If you’ve been arrested, a disorderly conduct attorney can help gather evidence, analyze your case, and put forth a strong defense to avoid harsh Stamford disorderly conduct penalties. Reach out to a legal professional today.

    What Constitutes a Disorderly Conduct Charge?

    Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-182 outlines the criminal offense of disorderly conduct under state law. Disorderly conduct is a broad crime that encompasses many different behaviors.

    Although police often use this charge in a domestic violence situation, many other scenarios, such as fights in public places and civil demonstrations, can also lead to disorderly conduct charges and penalties in Stamford. For example, disorderly conduct charges might arise from:

    • Patrons fighting at clubs or bars
    • Protesters refusing to disperse when ordered by police
    • Attendees loudly disrupting a public government meeting
    • Individuals who trespass and view people in their own homes without consent

    What Are Possible Penalties for a Conviction?

    Disorderly conduct is a Class C misdemeanor offense. While this is not a felony, a conviction for a Class C misdemeanor offense still can have unwanted consequences. Potential penalties upon conviction include up to three months in jail, a term of probation, and a $500 fine.

    What Happens If I Plead Guilty?

    Pleading guilty to disorderly conduct still will result in a record of a criminal conviction. If the disorderly conduct involves domestic violence, then the Stamford penalties for disorderly conduct may be even higher.

    For instance, disorderly conduct charges arising from domestic violence typically result in the court issuing a restraining order or order of protection, which can significantly affect family relationships, jobs, and civil rights. An active order of protection also prohibits individuals from possessing firearms. Likewise, violating the order, even unintentionally or indirectly, could result in additional criminal charges with harsher punishments.

    Are There Other Consequences of a Disorderly Conduct Conviction?

    The impact of a criminal conviction goes far beyond the criminal disorderly conduct penalties in Stamford. Individuals with any criminal conviction may be ineligible for some jobs and careers. Colleges and universities may be reluctant to admit students with a criminal history, and the conviction may disqualify them from scholarships.

    How Will a Disorderly Conduct Conviction Affect My Family?

    A disorderly conduct conviction that results from a domestic violence situation also may significantly alter family relationships. A restraining order may be in place that removes individuals from their homes and families. They may lose custodial rights to their children and be relegated to supervised visitation in some instances.

    A criminal record also creates a stigma among community members. A background check will reveal the criminal conviction, whether individuals are applying for jobs, housing, or credit. Life can become much more challenging with a criminal record open to public view.

    Call for Help Defending Against Penalties for Disorderly Conduct in Stamford

    With the assistance of legal counsel, you may be able to reduce, minimize, or overcome the potential Stamford disorderly conduct penalties that you may be facing. By mounting a strong defense to the charges, you may put yourself in a better position to defeat them. Reach out to Mark Sherman Law today.