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    Family Relations Counselors Following a Stamford Disorderly Conduct Arrest

    The Office of Family Relations is a department or component of the judicial system. The Family Relations operates as part of the judicial branch. Their function is to support the judge and the judicial branch in the resolution and adjudication of cases involving familial or domestic-related criminal cases.

    Family Relations Counselors following a Stamford disorderly conduct arrest have a function in the non-criminal divorce process but for the purposes of this discussion, their function is to assist the criminal court in the adjudication of domestic-related criminal cases. Speak with a skilled disorderly conduct attorney about your case as soon as possible.

    Suggested Behaviors for Those Charged with Disorderly Conduct

    The person that is arrested for a domestic violence disorderly conduct charge will need to meet with a Family Relations Counselor. It is important for a person to know that anything that they say to the family relations counselor is not necessarily confidential. That information can and will be shared with the judge, potentially with the prosecutor, and can be used against the person that has been charged with and arrested for a domestic violence disorderly conduct.

    Individuals should avoid talking about the details of the incident with Family Relations Counselors following a Stamford disorderly conduct arrest. This is only acceptable if they have spoken to an attorney and have a better understanding of whether their comments or statements might further incriminate them or hurt them in their case.

    What is the Function of Family Relations?

    Outside of discussing the incident, the Family Relations and the function of their interview is not just to find out details about the incident. The other function is to find out other information about the person that has been arrested such as just their background information, address information, their family information, and their relationship with the complaining party or the other person involved in the domestic violence incident.

    Not everything relates to the incident itself and not everything is going to be hurtful to the person arrested for a domestic violence disorderly conduct. Information can be provided in the situation where the Family Relations officer or counselor is asking about matters that do not relate to the incident.

    That will help the Family Relations counselor do their job, and helping the Family Relations counselor doing their job helps the court, all of which will help the person if not in a direct way, at least to come into good favor with a person who will end up playing an important role in the disposition of their case as they go further along in the process.

    What an Accuser Does in a Disorderly Conduct Hearing

    The complaining party will have a chance to give their version of events to the Family Relations Counselor. This allows the counselor to make recommendations to the judge for the protective order or other conditions of release that may be ordered by the judge.

    The accuser also has a right to be heard directly by the judge at the time of the arraignment. Generally, the judge will be giving that person an opportunity to be heard and so the judge can consider that person’s concerns or wishes or sentiments of support in making any decision that the judge will be making on that first court date or any other court date that follows.

    Role of a Potential Client

    Experienced attorneys often recommend individuals to be respectful of Family Relations Counselors following a Stamford disorderly conduct arrest. This can make sure to appear calm and express themselves in a calm and respectful manner. Do not discuss the incident unless and until an attorney advises otherwise. Individuals should try to make a good impression on the person with whom they are talking to because that person may eventually influence how their case goes. If they perceive the person arrested to be a loose cannon, then that will not bode well for the rest of their case.