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    Stamford Disorderly Conduct Family Violence Education Programs

    Stamford disorderly conduct Family Violence Education Programs are court diversionary programs that allow someone with no history of family violence to engage in appropriate forms of counseling and therapy as directed and ordered by the court. If they do that over a period of time and follow any other conditions the court puts in place, the results of successfully completing the program will be a dismissal of all the charges including any domestic violence disorderly conduct charge. To learn more about Stamford disorderly conduct and the Family Violence Education program, speak with an experienced criminal attorney immediately.

    What Does it Mean if a Charge is Dismissed?

    Once a charge is dismissed, the person no longer has a pending case, no longer has a protective order in place, and the record of the person’s case gets destroyed by the Connecticut Judicial Branch.

    The records from the police department with respect to the arrest must also be destroyed within 20 days and the notation or the publication of the person’s arrest on the Connecticut Judicial Website will immediately be taken down and there will be no other pending matters related to that person’s arrest

    That also means that they will not stand convicted of any crime and they will no longer be charged with any crime. Connecticut law states that anytime somebody’s case is dismissed, they may swear under oath that they have never even been arrested with respect to the case that was dismissed. It is a complete erasure and the law that provides for this is commonly referred to be the erasure statute but it completely wipes away anything with respect to the official proceedings that come with an arrest.

    What Is Nolle Prosequi and How Does it Apply to Disorderly Conduct?

    The nolle prosequi is a Latin term that means that the state has decided not to prosecute the charges against the accused. When the case is nolled, the charges are dropped and there are no longer any proceedings against the defendant. However, the case will not be officially dismissed until 13 months pass without the prosecutor attempting to reopen the case.

    An individual facing an arrest charge can only utilize Stamford disorderly conduct family violence programs once. Only if the case is nolled, can someone pursue a family violence education program should they face criminal offenses in the future.

    Understanding the Use of the Family Violence Education Program

    Someone might have an opportunity to get their case dismissed. They do not have to use Stamford disorderly conduct Family Violence Education Programs to eventually get the case dismissed. In cases where the incident is not serious or the complaining party does not wish for the defendant to be prosecuted, the prosecuting authority may agree to drop the charges.

    This may only occur if and when the defendant completes certain components or certain conditions that are set by the prosecutor and accepted by the Family Relations Counselor. This must satisfy that the person is not a threat to the other domestic partner or family member and that it is not necessary to maintain the case beyond a certain period of time.

    Defining a Family Relations Counselor

    Generally, what a prosecuting authority and Family Relations counselor will be looking for is for enough time to pass so that they can feel that the incident between the defendant and the alleged victim or complaining party is not being repeated.

    They try to ensure that there are no red flags that arise during the pendency of the case or during that period of time that the case is pending, and that a sufficient evaluation and treatment is completed. The evaluation is meant for the prosecutor and the Family Relations counselor can feel more assured that there is not something more concerning that led to the incident or event.

    If someone has completed prosecutor conditions such as appropriate therapy or counseling, the prosecutor can drop the charges without requiring formal Stamford disorderly conduct Family Violence Education Programs.