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    Stamford Disorderly Conduct Arrest Lawyer

    Being arrested for allegedly engaging in disorderly conduct can be confusing in many situations. Fortunately, help is available from dedicated defense attorneys who know how to handle subjective situations like this. If you have been given a citation or taken into police custody based on this sort of charge, seeking help from a Stamford disorderly conduct arrest lawyer should be your top priority.

    When Do Police Arrest Someone for Disorderly Conduct?

    According to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-182, all the following actions qualify as unlawful disorderly conduct:

    • Fighting in public with someone else or engaging in some other “tumultuous or threatening behavior”;
    • Making unreasonable noise;
    • Obstructing pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic;
    • Disturbing a lawful assembly;
    • Ignoring a reasonable official request to disperse from an unlawful assembly; and/or
    • Being a “peeping tom” or observing someone in a non-cursory manner without their knowledge or consent while they are inside their home with a reasonable expectation of privacy.

    In some circumstances, law enforcement may investigate allegations of this behavior, determine whether someone engaged in it, and make an arrest based on that determination. However, it is much more common for police officers to make arrests at the scene of the alleged offense based on their definition of disorderly conduct rather than the occurrence of any of the actions mentioned above.

    If that sounds vague and redundant, that is because it is—but it is also how the law is written, which means police officers have broad leeway to decide when someone has been “disorderly” to an unlawful degree. Guidance from a skilled Stamford disorderly conduct arrest attorney can be vital in figuring out what a specific arrest was based on and building a defense strategy that contests assumptions made by an arresting officer.

    What are the Possible Consequences of a Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

    Disorderly conduct is a Class C misdemeanor. This means the most direct negative consequence a conviction for this offense could have would be a maximum three-month jail term and a maximum of $500 in fines. Even before a case like this reaches court, a disorderly conduct arrest by itself could have numerous repercussions for the accused person if it is considered a form of family violence.

    In this situation, the defendant may have a protective order imposed against them while their case is ongoing. They could also be subject to an investigation into their relationship with their children by the Department of Children and Families and be forced to move out of their home or cease all contact with the people allegedly harmed by their actions. Once again, support from a seasoned attorney can make a substantial difference in minimizing the short-term and long-term impacts of a disorderly conduct arrest in Stamford.

    Seek Help from a Stamford Disorderly Conduct Arrest Attorney

    Being arrested for alleged disorderly conduct can be disruptive to your life on its own, to say nothing of how consequential a conviction could be. Having support from an experienced legal professional can go a long way toward protecting your rights now and well into the future.

    A conversation with a Stamford disorderly conduct arrest lawyer can give you the clarity you need to handle your case proactively. Click here to visit our Avvo profile with over 300 certified reviews, and call Mark Sherman Law today to schedule your confidential consultation.