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    Stamford Disorderly Conduct Investigations

    Being accused of and subsequently investigated for an allegation of Disorderly Conduct can have deceptively high stakes for you, especially if the offense is considered a “family violence” crime. When dealing with Stamford Disorderly Conduct investigations, there is no substitute for representation from a seasoned defense attorney with experience contesting similar cases successfully.

    What Do Police Look for When Investigating Disorderly Conduct?

    Part of what makes Disorderly Conduct investigations in Stamford particularly complex is the variety of different actions and behaviors that could technically constitute “Disorderly Conduct” under the Connecticut Penal Code. In addition to specific acts like disrupting a lawful assembly or engaging in a fight in public, Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-182 allows police officers to arrest anyone who “annoys or interferes with another person” by engaging in any “offensive or disorderly conduct.”

    In other words, if a police officer believes someone has been “disorderly,” that belief all by itself could be the basis for an arrest and even a subsequent conviction. Between this and the fact that most Disorderly Conduct arrests happen on the spot, investigations generally center around finding testimonial and documentary evidence to support a police officer’s assertion that some kind of unlawful conduct occurred.

    Depending on the circumstances, investigating authorities may seek out information like security camera footage which may show a disorderly act occurring, text or electronic message records to establish the intentions of various people allegedly involved, and statements from witnesses to the alleged disorderly act. Investigators will also likely conduct several interviews with every person allegedly directly involved in the event to establish their view of the situation and to look for inconsistencies in their recollections of what happened.

    Handling a Disorderly Conduct Investigation in a Proactive Way

    One of the most vital things to understand about Stamford Disorderly Conduct investigations and criminal investigations in general is that it is much easier for someone to talk themselves into trouble while under investigation than it is for them to talk themselves out of it. Anything that someone says while being investigated on suspicion of a Disorderly Conduct offense could be used against them during an ensuing criminal trial, including poorly phrased answers to leading questions and offhand comments subject to misinterpretation.

    With that in mind, it is almost always crucial to seek help from a knowledgeable defense attorney as soon as possible after this sort of investigation begins. Beyond ensuring that a potential defendant does not inadvertently harm their own case, legal counsel can also take the lead in interactions with investigators, offer crucial advice about how to answer questions, and help collect and preserve evidence that might benefit a future defense strategy.

    Speak with a Stamford Attorney About Disorderly Conduct Investigations

    Whether you have faced criminal allegations in the past or have never been in any sort of legal trouble before, being investigated for an alleged act of Disorderly Conduct can be an intimidating process to go through. Fortunately, help is available through Stamford Disorderly Conduct investigations from tenacious legal professionals who know how to handle cases like yours in the most effective way possible. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today for a consultation, and click here to read what past clients have said about working with us.