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    Stamford DUI Conditions of Release

    Conditions of release are conditions that the judge puts on a person, which speaks to what the arrested person either cannot do or must do while their case is pending. The types of conditions will depend upon the circumstances of the case and are going to be tailored to try to address any sort of concerns about the case.

    For example, if someone has been charged with driving under the influence, they will face Stamford DUI conditions of release. If you have been charged with a DUI, contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer that can attempt to lessen the severity of the conditions of your release.

    What Influences Whether the Judge Orders Conditions of Release?

    In the context of Stamford DWI or DUI arrest, the factors that will be most prominent when a judge is ordering conditions of release are:

    • The person’s blood alcohol level at the time of the DWI or DUI arrest
    • Whether there was an accident as part of the DUI or DWI arrest
    • Whether this is the person’s first or whether it is a subsequent time that a person has been arrested for Stamford DUI or DWI

    Kinds of Conditions a Judge Would Order For a DUI Arrest

    The types of Stamford DUI conditions that a judge would order are going to be related to the substance abuse treatment and counseling for the person that is arrested, specifically for the alcohol evaluation and alcohol treatment.

    At the end of the day, a judge is always going to be looking to protect the public but at the same time the judge also understands that people need to have the ability to remain gainfully employed and to do the essential things for their life like childcare and employment, and the judge will also recognize that those things are productive things that a person that is arrested for DUI or DWI can do and that will ultimately be helpful for their rehabilitation.

    Because of that, an attorney will help emphasize to the judge either the fact this person does not present a risk to the public because of either the circumstances of the arrest or because of the person has a particular history with alcohol or the nature of the incident itself.

    Restricted Driving as a Condition of Release

    One of the Stamford DUI conditions that a judge might order is that the person may not drive except under certain prescribed conditions like that the person cannot drive unless they are in accordance with DMV laws because there are going to be other proceedings related to a person’s drivers license so the judge may order that the person needs to follow any requirement established by the DMV.

    Ignition Interlock Device as a Condition of Release

    The judge may also order irrespective of the DMV that a person may only drive if they install an ignition interlock device. The ignition interlock device is a breathing device that gets attached to a car that connects to the ignition and in order for a person to turn on their car, they must first breathe in the ignition interlock device. The ignition interlock device will be testing whether the person has any alcohol on their breath, if they have any alcohol on their breath, the car will not start.

    If the person does not have alcohol on their breath then it will allow that person to start the car. The judge may be concerned about the person’s ability to drive safely and may order the arrested person as the condition of release not to drive unless they have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle.

    How an Attorney Can Affect Those Conditions

    An attorney can help affect Stamford DUI conditions of release by explaining to the judge why or why not those conditions are either unnecessary or unduly burdensome given that person’s life circumstances.

    In addition and perhaps, more importantly, the attorney can help emphasize and present to the judge the types of obstacles that will be presented in the person’s conditions are put in place stressing the problems that it would cause for arrested person’s ability to work and the arrested person’s ability to care for their family.

    Those are two areas where the court will be most willing to perhaps affect or change the conditions in a way that will allow a person to be able to work and care for their family. If you have been charged with a DUI, consult an experienced DUI lawyer that can attempt to mitigate your conditions of release.