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    Pre-Trial Release and Bond for Stamford DUI Arrests

    A bond is defined as an amount of money paid which ensures that a person will return to court. There are certain factors the judge will consider prior to allowing the defendant to post bond and at what amount.

    These factors include whether or not the defendant is a flight risk, if they are a danger to the community, what ties or family they have in the community, and how serious the charges are against them.

    If you are looking to better understand the role of bond or pre-trial release in your Stamford DUI arrest, it is important to consult with an experienced Stamford DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

    Posting Bond

    If the police set the bond, a defendant could post that bond at the police station. They could post the bond themselves, someone could bring the money to the police station to pay the bond, or the individual could have a bondsman post a bond.

    If the judge sets the bond, then the individual could post the bond at the courthouse. If the individual cannot make the bond and is transported back to jail, they could post bond at jail.

    When a defendant posts bond in Stamford, when they are admitted into the Alcohol Educational Program, the defendant will get their bond money back. If one uses a bondsman, then the defendant will not get the money paid for the bond back. Such factors must be taken into consideration during the bond process for a Stamford DUI arrest.

    Pre-Trial Release

    Pre-trial release is when a defendant posts bond and, in addition to posting the bond, the judge can impose conditions on the defendant that they have to follow while being released back into the public before their trial.

    It is very important that the defendant fulfills these obligations, because if they violate those conditions, the judge can raise the bond and put them back in jail while awaiting trial or resolution of their case.

    A DUI lawyer can argue to the judge what the conditions should or should not be during the Stamford DUI pre-trial release process, and explain to the defendant exactly what they need to do to achieve those conditions.

    Failure to Comply

    If a defendant does not comply with the pre-trial release, they can get arrested again with a new charge of “violation of conditions of release” which will complicate their case. If the court is made aware of this, it can raise the person’s bond or put them back in jail.

    Release Documents

    When a defendant is released from jail, they will receive a notice of rights which outlines the rights of the defendant that the police went over with them when they were in custody.

    The defendant also receives a document for the bond, showing how much the bond was and when it was posted. They should also receive the complaint ticket listing the charges and court date on it after the pre-trial release for a Stamford DUI.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    An experienced DUI attorney can get the process moving immediately and have the best defense for the defendant’s case, including preserving and obtaining all the video of their arrest by the roadside and obtain the booking videos to make sure the police are doing their job by respecting the defendant’s rights.

    The attorney will also help the defendant locate their car at a police impound lot and get their car back after the pre-trial release and bond proceedings in a Stamford DUI. They will also assist the defendant with admission into a treatment program or other avenues which would provide the best possible resolution of their charge.