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    Impact of a DUI Conviction in Stamford

    A DUI conviction in Stamford can bring forward serious impacts on a person’s personal and professional life. These consequences may cause these individuals to lose their jobs, and prevent them from getting many employment opportunities in the future.

    To discuss the impact that your DUI conviction may have in Stamford, it is imperative to contact an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced DUI attorney in Stamford can also begin building a defense to help lessen any potential consequences you may be facing.

    Insurance Issues

    An insurance company will become aware of an individual’s DUI if there is an accident. The insurance company will ask for the accident report which will note the DUI.

    Secondly, if there was no accident, the insurance company conducts a yearly background check on their customers and may find out that way.

    If a person is charged with a DUI but is not convicted, their insurance may go up depending upon the individual insurance company. However, if they are convicted, their insurance will almost definitely go up.

    If a person has continuous DUIs and the insurance company keeps having to pay out based on the DUIs, then they may very well drop the individual from coverage.

    To combat these impacts of a Stamford DUI conviction, an individual should contact a lawyer. When talking to an attorney, an individual should bring proof that they were insured on the date of the incident and any other insurance paperwork. If there was an accident, they should bring any paperwork related to that as well.

    The attorney can do their best to get the case resolved as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible, give the insurance the information they need to know, and help the case get thrown out.

    Employment Complications

    Another impact of a DUI conviction on an individual in Stamford relates to their employment. A DUI can cause a person to lose their job and can make it very difficult for them to get a job in the future.

    First-offense DUI convictions can often cause employment problems, especially for people in finance and jobs and that run regular background checks.

    Many employers run background checks quarterly, especially if a person is in a position of power or high authority. Further, if a person’s current employee handbook requires them to disclose any new arrests, then they must abide by those rules.

    Arrest vs. Conviction

    A DUI arrest means that the person was arrested for a DUI and the case is still pending, so employers tend to let that play out before they make any decisions.

    For a conviction, it means that the person pled guilty or they were found guilty at trial and that will often cause an employer to be more harsh with their decision.

    Long-Term Impacts

    A DUI conviction in Stamford could cause an individual a lot of issues with even getting interviews and getting new job offers because many employers do not want to have any employees that have a criminal record.

    If a perspective employer sees a DUI conviction on a person’s record, it could stop the interview process completely. That may cause the employer to not interview them at all or may cause them not to offer them a job.

    An individual may have an opportunity to explain their record at an interview, if they get one. If the application asks about convictions, there may be exceptions for them to explain what happened.

    Impact on a CDL

    A person should know that a commercial driver’s license will complicate their DUI case in Stamford. If a person has a commercial driver’s license, they are not eligible to attend the alcohol education program and their commercial driver’s license will very likely be suspended.

    Just the fact that a person has a CDL can disqualify them from the alcohol education program. Because the person’s license suspension will very likely occur with that, it could cause the person to lose their job because they will not be able to drive a commercial vehicle.

    Court Treatment

    Courts treat these cases very seriously. If a person was driving a commercial vehicle while drunk, then that is taken extremely seriously.

    Even if the person was not driving a commercial vehicle but was arrested for a DUI, then they may not use the alcohol education program, which gives the person the choices of “plead guilty” or “go to trial”.

    The Stamford courts will not have much mercy on these individuals even though it may be how the person earns their money.

    Potential Consequences

    A CDL holder would have their license suspended just like a regular driver as a guaranteed impact of a DUI conviction in Stamford. This will impact their ability to work.

    If an individual is convicted then they will probably never have a CDL again. Because that is how these people earn money, it could be a serious problem for them going forward.

    A second or subsequent offense would also disqualify a person forever from a CDL, along with an increase in jail time.

    Security Clearance

    There are some Stamford employees that need security clearances. A DUI on a person’s record could stop them from getting security clearance, or revoke their current clearance.

    If security clearance is required for a person’s employment and they lose it, then it is very likely that the person can get fired.

    A lawyer can talk to the employer to let them know what is going on with the case and try to get the case dismissed as quickly as possible in order to for a person to get their security clearance. This loss of clearance is a major impact of a DUI conviction in Stamford.