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    Bond Release Process for Stamford DUIs

    When somebody is arrested for a DWI in Stamford, they may have a bond set by the police officer who makes the arrest. That bond can be anywhere from few hundred dollars up to $5,000., maybe even $10,000.

    When a bond is put in place that that person who is arrested cannot be released from custody unless and until there is bond or bail posted on that person’s behalf. The bond release process for Stamford DUIs can be difficult to navigate alone. That is why you should reach out to a seasoned DUI lawyer that can help you make bond and can fight for your freedom.

    Initial Steps Following Arrest

    The first step an individual should take during the bond release process for Stamford DUIS is contacting someone. The arrested person should either contact an attorney or a loved one, in order to let them know how much the bond has been set for. That way, their lawyer or their loved one can help either gather the funds that the arrested person does not have or come down and post the bond themselves.

    An Attorney’s Role in Securing Bond

    The arrested person’s attorney can get in touch with somebody who can post the bond and bail and let them know where the arrested person is being held, and what they can do to help. In addition, the attorney can help get a bondsman secured in order for the person that is going to post the bond so they do not have to put the entire amount up alone.

    What Does a Bondsman Do?

    A bondsman’s function is to basically promise or make a pledge to the court that the bondsman will pay the amount of the entire bond if for some reason the person who is arrested does not attend their mandated court date.

    They will take a percentage usually around 10%, sometimes less, of the entire bond as payment from a person that is paying bond on behalf of an arrested person, and once they get that payment, they will make the pledge to ensure the rest of the amount of the bond.

    If a person does not need to use a bondsman during the bond release process for Stamford DUIs, they can post the entire amount of the bond themselves in cash and if they do that they will be entitled to receive the amount posted back after the completion of the arrested person’s court case.

    Consulting a Stamford DUI Attorney

    If you have been charged with a DUI, it is instrumental that you get in contact with a determined DUI lawyer that can advocate for you. Immediately following an arrest, you may find yourself dealing with the bond release process for Stamford DUIs. The process can be difficult to navigate alone, which is why experienced legal counsel is so necessary.

    Your legal advocate can alert your loved ones so they can post bail for you. If that is not an option, your attorney can get in touch with a bondsman and secure bond. Your lawyer can work tirelessly to secure your release and protect your rights. Contact an attorney and know that you are in capable hands.