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    Life After a DUI Arrest in Stamford

    An individual’s life after a DUI arrest in Stamford can change drastically. A DUI arrest can have a major impact on a person’s standing in the community. It both hurts their reputation and could cause them to lose their job. It can also be difficult to get a new job, and it can be very time-consuming and stressful for family and friends.

    To understand how your life may change following a DUI arrest in Stamford, and how to best defense against your charge, it is imperative to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A DUI attorney in Stamford can build a strong case to help minimize any penalties you may be facing.

    Long-Term Consequences

    A person’s reputation may never recover after being arrested for a DUI in Stamford, and they may have trouble finding a job.

    Further, a person may lose a lot of money because they spent it attempting to defend the case. These are some ways that an individual’s life may change after being arrested for a DUI in Stamford.

    Informing an Employer

    It is very important for an individual to give the DUI lawyer their employee handbook and anything else related to any contracts that they may be under so they can help determine if the person needs to inform anyone about the arrest.

    An employer might find out about a person’s offense if it is reported in the paper or on the internet. Some employers require that an employee inform them when there has been a DUI arrest. That information would be in the employee handbook.

    What people need to tell their employer depends on the employer. They may need to tell them everything, or they may need to only tell them that they have been arrested. They may not be required to tell them anything at all. It just depends on the employee handbook.

    Insurance Companies Involvement

    The insurance company runs a check once a year on individuals, and the arrest will come up in the system.

    People often need to tell their insurance company that an arrest occurred, but if the arrest is dismissed, then they should know that as well.

    Out-of-State Complications

    A DUI would come with a license suspension. If a person is trying to get a license in a different state and that state finds that their license is suspended in Connecticut, then it is very likely they will not approve the license until it has been reinstated in Connecticut.

    If a person is visiting from out of state, a DUI in Stamford can affect their license. A Connecticut license suspension will often result in a reciprocal suspension in the person’s home state. If they are from out of the country, they may be deported.

    Role of an Attorney

    When attempting to defend a DUI charge, an attorney will do their best to help the person protect their record and navigate the system.

    They can assist the person when dealing with the effect of the DUI on the person’s community, and help the person get the best result as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. They can help restore an individual’s life after a DUI in Stamford back to normal.