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    Stamford First-Degree Sexual Assault Lawyer

    If you were arrested for sexual assault, contact a top defense attorney as soon as possible. A Stamford first-degree sexual assault lawyer could assert your rights and raise a strong defense on your behalf.

    What Constitutes Aggravated Sexual Assault in the First Degree?

    In Stamford, first-degree sexual assault occurs when an individual uses force to compel another person to engage in sexual intercourse. This offense can also occur when an individual has sex with somebody under 13 years of age and more than two years their junior, or when they have sexual relations with someone by force with the aid of two or more people. Statutory charges are approached just as seriously as other sexual assault charges in Stamford. They are prosecuted aggressively and consistently.

    When any of the above circumstances take place, and the actor also uses or displays a deadly weapon, tries to seriously disfigure or hurt someone, or engages in some conduct that puts the alleged victim at serious risk of bodily harm, the charge is aggravated to either a Class A or Class B felony.

    The defining difference between a Class A and a Class B felony is the alleged victim’s age. If a person commits sexual assault in the first degree by using force and the person is under 16 years of age or under 13 and more than two years younger, it is a Class A felony. Other aggravated sexual assault in the first-degree charges are Class B felonies. If a person has been accused of sexual assault in the first degree, they should speak with a lawyer in Stamford.

    What is Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor?

    Charges for aggravated sexual assault of a minor could arise from several other offenses, including:

    • Risk of injury to a minor
    • Sexual assault in the first degree
    • Aggravated sexual assault in the first degree
    • Sexual assault in the second degree
    • Promoting prostitution
    • Promoting prostitution in the second degree

    If the alleged victim of one of these offenses is under 13 years of age, and the actor kidnapped, stalked, or used other violations to commit the offense against them, the actor could face aggravated sexual assault of a minor charges. These charges could also stem from incidents involving serious harm, more than one alleged victim under 13 years of age, or defendants with previous convictions.

    Contact a Top Stamford First-Degree Sexual Assault Attorney Today

    Sexual assault in the first degree is one of the most serious sex offenses in Stamford. A conviction could lead to heavy fines, sex offender registration, and years or even decades in prison. Because the penalties are so severe, anyone accused of sexual assault needs a strong defense.

    For help fighting back against your sex crime charges, contact a top Stamford first-degree sexual assault lawyer today. With an experienced defense attorney by your side, you could raise a credible defense and fight for a positive resolution of your charges. Call Mark Sherman Law today to discuss your case.