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    Benefits of a Stamford Sexual Assault Lawyer

    Many people charged with sexual assault believe that if they were wrongfully accused, they will not need to hire an attorney. However, sometimes the authorities make mistakes, and innocent people could go to prison as a result.

    If you are facing sexual assault allegations or charges, you should reach out to a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Defense lawyers understand the tactics prosecutors may use in your case, and they could fight to protect your rights. Call to learn more about the benefits of a Stamford sexual assault lawyer.

    Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault

    The sexual assault statute of limitations in Stamford, Connecticut depends on the class of sexual assault. For a sexual assault in the first degree, which is a Class A felony, there is no statute of limitations. A person could be prosecuted at any time. If there is DNA evidence, they could be prosecuted within five years after the crime is reported.

    For a sexual assault of a minor, the statute of limitations is the alleged harmed individual’s 48th birthday or five years from the day that the person tells the police, whichever one happens first. Usually, after that, an individual could be prosecuted within five years where the sexual assault happened.

    How a Defense Attorney Can Help the Wrongfully Accused

    People who are wrongfully accused of sexual assault often avoid hiring a defense attorney. They may think they do not need a lawyer because they have all the proof that they need, but that is a major mistake.

    The system is meant to investigate or prosecute people who commit sexual assault. The police and prosecutors are looking for anything they could use to support a conviction. If a person thinks that they are going to drop the charges because they have some text messages or the like, they are mistaken. Without a defense attorney by their side, an individual could likely wind up incriminating themselves and making the situation much worse. Defendants should instead reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits of a Stamford sexual assault lawyer.

    Top Three Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer

    The top three qualities that an individual charged with sexual assault should look for in a sexual assault lawyer are aggression, attention to detail, and empathy. An attorney who is aggressive is going to make sure that a person’s rights are protected. Attention to detail is important because, in a sexual assault investigation or case, the smaller details could make the difference. Empathy is also critical because a person wants someone who is going to make them feel like that they are on their side as they are fighting for their rights.

    How a Defense Attorney Could Help

    An experienced criminal defense lawyer could help a person facing sexual assault charges by understanding the system, knowing the police and the prosecutors involved, and helping to get in front of the judges. If there is a pending investigation, an experienced attorney could help them decide whether they should make a statement, what evidence they should present to the police on their own, and how best to protect themselves in these situations.

    If you were accused of sexual assault, your next step should be contacting a top domestic violence attorney for assistance. An attorney could be the best way to combat these charges and keep your record clean. Call for more information on the benefits of a Stamford sexual assault lawyer.