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    Stamford Fourth-Degree Sexual Assault Lawyer

    In Stamford and throughout CT, law enforcement officers and prosecutors take a strong stance against sex offenses. If you were accused of sexual assault, you may be at a disadvantage in court without representation from a skilled defense attorney. Call a top Stamford fourth-degree sexual assault lawyer today for help with your case.

    What Constitutes Sexual Assault in the Fourth Degree in Stamford CT?

    Sexual assault in the fourth degree can occur in a number of different scenarios. In each situation, the alleged victim is subjected to sexual contact. This charge is similar to sexual assault in the third degree, except fourth-degree sexual assault does not involve the use of force. A Stamford fourth-degree sexual assault attorney could explain the differences and how CT law applies to a particular situation.

    What is the Definition of Sexual Contact?

    Sexual contact means any contact with the intimate parts of a person not married to the alleged actor for the purpose of sexual gratification or degrading or humiliating the alleged victim.

    What Behaviors Lead to a Fourth-Degree Sexual Assault Charge?

    Fourth-degree sexual assault charges can stem from situations in which a person is accused of sexual contact without consent with someone who is:

    • Under 13 years of age, if the accused is more than two years older
    • Between the ages of 13 and 15, if the accused is more than three years older
    • Mentally incapacitated or impaired to the point that they could not consent
    • Physically helpless
    • Less than 18 years old and the actor is their guardian
    • In the custody of law enforcement or a hospital, if the accused has supervisory power over them
    • A student, if the alleged actor is a teacher or coach

    It could also be sexual assault in the fourth degree if someone engages in sexual contact with an animal or dead body. Additionally, these charges could stem from situations in which the alleged actor is a psychologist or psychotherapist and has sexual contact with a patient, or they use therapy to deceive someone to touch them sexually. Finally, if someone subjects another person to sexual contact by means of false representation, it is sexual assault in the fourth degree.

    How an Experienced Stamford Fourth-Degree Sexual Assault Attorney Could Help

    Sexual assault cases in Stamford can be difficult to navigate, and an accused person may feel as if everyone has turned against. Fortunately, a Stamford fourth-degree sexual assault lawyer could help. Call Mark Sherman Law today to discuss your case and begin building a strong defense.