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    Evidence in a Stamford Sexual Assault Case

    The purpose of a sexual assault investigation in Stamford is to gather evidence about an alleged incident. Local authorities take all sex crime seriously, and they work tirelessly to collect evidence to use in a case against the alleged actor.

    If you were accused of sexual assault, you should not risk handling your case alone. Even if you have not yet been arrested, you should enlist help from an attorney as soon as you believe you are under investigation. A skilled defense lawyer could fight to protect your interests and your reputation.

    What Tools or Tactics Does Law Enforcement Use in a Sexual Assault Investigation?

    Typically, the tools and tactics used to collect this evidence in a Stamford sexual assault case include DNA swabs, a black light, pot swabs, statements to assess state of mind, and blood tests to see if there are any drugs involved. Police collect all of this information and assemble it into a report. Contrary to popular belief, polygraphs and lie detectors are rarely used because the test results are inadmissible in court.

    What is a Forensic Medical Examination?

    Typically, the most sought after evidence is DNA or physical evidence that was left on the body, including scratches, semen, or blood. Authorities collect this information using a forensic medical examination.

    A forensic medical examination typically begins with a statement from the person who says they were sexually assaulted. Medical personnel take DNA samples, analyze body fluids, do a sweep of the vitals for any injuries, and they take samples of the skin that could help support the alleged victim’s statement.

    The Role of DNA Testing

    DNA testing is used to confirm the involvement of the alleged attacker. When someone submits to a rape kit and DNA is taken off of their body, whether it is semen, blood, or hair, the police run a DNA test on it. If matches the alleged attacker, they could identify them and use that a basis to arrest.

    When do Prosecutors Decide to Move Forward on a Case?

    If the prosecutor has admissible evidence that clearly shows a sexual assault occurred, they often choose to move forward with a case. They may decide to prosecute even if the alleged victim recants.

    In a case where there is no physical evidence, the investigation focuses on witness statements and circumstantial evidence. This is often weaker than physical evidence such as DNA. As a result, an absence of physical evidence make authorities reluctant to pursue a conviction.

    Importance of Hiring an Experienced Attorney

    An experienced criminal defense lawyer could help a person navigate the sensitive nature of a sexual assault investigation. The slightest misstatement could be used as evidence against the accused, so navigating a Stamford sexual assault investigation can be challenging.

    For help resolving the charges against you, reach out to a skilled attorney at Mark Sherman Law today.