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    Stamford Sexual Assault Investigations

    When a sex crime is reported, police usually conduct Stamford sexual assault investigations. These investigations are meant to discover what really happened, but they often seem biased against the accused. Thankfully, a top defense lawyer could help protect the defendant’s interests.

    If you face allegations of sexual assault, do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney. They could fight tirelessly for an optimum outcome to your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.

    How are Sexual Assault Cases Reported?

    Sexual assault cases are typically reported in Stamford and Connecticut by the alleged victim of the crime. Typically, the alleged victim would go to the hospital after a crime occurred or they would go to the police station and file a complaint against the person who allegedly sexually assaulted them. Sometimes, a witness to the crime would also file a complaint.

    The police would investigate and speak to the alleged victim and the person accused of committing the assault. In some cases, police might also interview a nurse, doctor, or someone else working at a hospital who reported it to the police after treating someone who is the alleged victim of a crime.

    What Agencies Handle Sexual Assault Cases?

    The agency or divisions that handle sexual assault investigations are the Connecticut State Police and any local municipal police department. Inside of each local police department is the Special Victims Unit. The Special Victims Unit would handle these investigations.

    Victim advocates may also be involved in Stamford sexual assault cases. A victim advocate is a person who works for the court. Their role is to speak to the alleged victim and to represent their position to the court so they do not need to come to court.

    Federal Agencies

    It would be rare for a federal agency to become involved in a sexual assault case unless someone had committed the same crime in another state. Typically, the only agency that would get involved is the police department and any agency that is federally funded to protect alleged victims and their rights. The actual crime would most likely not become a federal charge.

    Privacy Concerns

    An alleged victim’s privacy should be respected during the investigation. Typically, their identity should be kept confidential and not included in police reports. Police use an alleged victim’s initials to prevent their name from getting leaked to the media or being included in any press release.

    The identity of the alleged attacker is not treated as confidential. Even though they are innocent until proven guilty, their identity is public information. If there is a warrant for their arrest, that warrant is public information and anyone could get a copy of it from the court. The public is able to see the allegations against the defendant.

    What is a Forensic Medical Examination?

    In a forensic medical examination, there are a few different steps that occur to complete a full exam. First, the doctor or whoever is completing the examination would get information from the alleged victim and conduct an examination. They would treat injuries, make notes, and document their findings.

    They would also collect evidence from the patient which may be a DNA swab or photographs of any injuries. They would ask the alleged victim questions about how it happened and if they are under the influence of anything. Using all of the information they gathered, they create a forensic examination report.

    Contact a Stamford Sexual Assault Attorney

    If you are the subject of Stamford sexual assault investigations, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. A skilled CT defense attorney could serve as your advocate and stand by your side during any questioning. They could fight to protect your rights at every step of the case. Call today to get started.