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    Stamford Sex Crimes Penalties

    When convicted of a sex crime, an individual may be penalized by heavy jail time. Much of that ends up being a mandatory minimum, meaning that the court cannot suspend it or reduce it in any way.

    The severity of the penalties associated with a sex crime in Stamford solidifies the necessity of an experienced lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to assist in gathering all the necessary evidence to help reduce or dismiss any penalties associated with your charge.

    Intimidation of the Charge

    Many times, with other offenses, a victim is not going to be taking the stand and testifying against the person charged. This makes the prosecution of sex crimes in Stamford a bit different. In other cases, like a credit card theft or a hit and run, it is less likely that someone is going to take the stand and testify.

    This can be intimidating for the defense, because there is an actual person that the jury would hear from. Also, there is usually a lot of scientific evidence like DNA, fingerprints, and other elements of that nature. It will take a scientific expert to testify and help consult with the case as well.

    Potential Penalties

    The specific penalties associated with a sex crimes conviction in Stamford depends on the degree of the charge, but there is always a possible period of incarceration as well as lengthy periods of probation and a fine. On top of that, a lot of the convictions come with a mandatory registration as a sex offender.

    Just being charged with a sex crime can be especially damaging to someone’s work life and reputation within the community.

    Work With an Attorney to Limit the Effects of Stamford Sex Crime Penalties

    The first thing that will happen when a person finds out that they are being investigated for a sex crime is that the police will contact them and see if they want to give a statement.

    Often, especially when there is a strong defense or weak allegations, the attorney can bring the individual to the station, give a statement with them, and sometimes even prevent the warrant from being signed. An attorney may be able to settle the case before it even goes to an arrest.

    Secondly, an attorney is important because the penalties associated with a Stamford sex crime are so severe that the person needs to make sure they have experienced legal counsel to be able to protect all their rights to file a motion to suppress any evidence that should not be in the case, if necessary.

    Finally, a lawyer knows how to make a motion to preserve any evidence, such as surveillance footage, cellphone records, DNA evidence, and hospital records. Any of those things could be overwritten if they are not preserved. A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to use them in the person’s defense to help lessen any potential penalties associated with their charge. Call today to get started on a defense.