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    Stamford Defense Strategies in Sex Crimes Cases

    A sex crimes case is one that is usually particularly involved and requires huge amounts of strength and determination to properly combat. The penalties for such a crime can severely impact the life of the individual accused, and make it difficult for them to fully regain the normalcy of their previous life.

    To avoid such harsh penalties, it is pertinent that an individual get in contact with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to employ the necessary Stamford defense strategy in your sex crimes case to help lessen or dismiss any charges.

    Initial Court Date

    When an individual is arrested for a sex crime, they are immediately brought to an arraignment and there is a hearing before a judge. Usually, these are warrant arrests, so the court has already set the bond. An individual can then call their lawyer from the jail to discuss arrangements to have them released from jail.

    There are a few important things for an individual to know after being charged with a sex crime. First, an individual should not talk to the police until they speak with a lawyer. Secondly, an individual and their lawyer must act quickly to preserve any digital or surveillance evidence that may vindicate them or help prove their innocence.

    Preserving Evidence

    Many times, attorneys find in consent cases and in cases where false accusations of rape are alleged to be made up, that they can preserve social media, surveillance evidence, digital evidence, cell phones, emails, and tweets. The lawyer should examine the social media accounts of the accuser to see if there are any helpful pieces of information that can help prove the accused individual’s innocence. Sex crimes can be heard in front of a judge or a jury depending on what an individual chooses. However, the pretrial stages and the pretrial court appearances are always held in front of a judge.

    There are specialized sex crimes prosecutors and state attorneys who focus their practice on prosecuting sex crimes. They are very open to hearing both sides of the story, cementing the necessity to have sufficient evidence preserved on the side of the accused individual. It is important to not rely on the state, the government, the prosecutors, or the police to find all the necessary evidence, but to enlist the help of a lawyer when crafting a solid court case.

    Once an individual is arrested, their case, mug shot, name, and arrest will be publicly available. It is important to hire an experienced lawyer who can employ effective Stamford defense strategies in an individual’s sex crimes case to help reduce any penalties they may be facing.

    Key Defense Strategies

    One key defense strategy to use in Stamford sex crimes cases is to examine the evidence preservation issues for social media, texting, emails, surveillance recordings, and digital surveillance recordings, especially in restaurants, at parties, and in bars. This evidence may reveal what the two people were doing for the hours leading up to the alleged sexual assault or alleged rape.

    A lawyer can ask the court to issue orders to preserve all of that evidence to ensure that the police do not fail to do so. It is critical for an individual to sit with their lawyer and get them to take action on the evidence preservation issues as quickly as possible.

    Other Stamford defense strategies in a sex crimes case include having an attorney hire a private investigator to dig further into the accuser’s personal life, social life, and online life. An attorney can file subpoenas for the accuser’s mental health records, TCS records, criminal records, and any kind of psychiatric records that may exist. The judge may then review the records and turn over any exculpatory evidence found in an accuser’s mental health, psychiatric, or hospital records. A lawyer can determine if the accuser may have some mental health condition that would cause them to lie, or figure out if they may have made an admission about the allegations to a therapist or to a government agent that may be helpful to the defense.

    Benefits of a Firm’s Representation

    It is advantageous to have the backing of a large Stamford criminal law firm versus a solo practitioner because the larger firm can offer a team of attorneys to fight any charges the individual may be facing. The State of Connecticut will prosecute an individual with a team of prosecutors, police detectives, and investigators working to secure a conviction and try to put an individual in jail if the crime is serious enough. With a larger criminal law firm, an individual will have a team effort behind them with the goal of getting the case dismissed quickly.