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    Stamford Sex Crimes Investigations

    Sex crimes are usually investigated in Stamford after a complaint comes in either from the complaining party, the alleged victim, or a third party, which is seen more commonly with sexual assault in the second-degree.

    If you are under investigation for a sex crime in Stamford, it is critical that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer will be able to build a case to help lessen or dismiss any penalties associated with your charge.

    Beginning the Investigation

    When beginning the investigation of a sex crime in Stamford, the officer on duty will take the report and check with their supervisor. Many times, if it was a sexual assault in the first-degree claim, law enforcement will send the person to the hospital to have a rape kit done, which is the first kind of evidence they would look for.

    Other evidence they would look for are any communications between the accused, the person making the complaint, and any video surveillance footage.

    Stamford sex crime investigations are very common prior to arrest in these cases. They are usually thorough upfront. For a lot of these cases, law enforcement will also try to speak to the defendant before the arrest, and for that reason, a lot of these end up being a warrant arrest instead of an on-site arrest.

    Investigations usually takes a little bit longer when the people have a past relationship, because in that case, it is probably common they have been sexually involved in the past. It gets complicated when there is an allegation that intercourse was not consensual when there were times when it previously was consensual. This can take attorneys a little bit more time in digging into past communications to try to show consent.

    Collecting Evidence

    The statement of the victim is almost always recorded to preserve the allegations. If the person complaining is a minor, they will have a crisis team take a forensic interview of the person, which is also videotaped. Law enforcement will have people that are trained in responding to this kind of allegation that will interview minors.

    The Stamford Police Special Victims Unit often handles these types of cases.

    When being charged, an individual will usually be contacted and told that there is a warrant for their arrest. Because most of these are serious in nature, there normally is a bond put on them. If they can post bond, they will get booked and processed at the police station, be released, and assigned a court date within 14 days in the Stamford Superior Court.

    If they are not able to post bond, they will be transported to court on the next business day to have an arraignment right then to discuss bonds.

    Points of Note

    First, it is important to note that the penalties go past incarceration, because there are elements like the sex offender registry and probation. Sex offender probation is also burdensome. An individual must be able to take their case seriously.

    Secondly, many times people charged with sex crimes do not realize they are doing anything wrong. Therefore, it is important to understand the law against that person.

    Finally, the evidence needs to be preserved right away so it does not get lost. This is because the evidence could be incredibly helpful to the individual accused. This is something that a person cannot really wait on.

    Contact a Stamford Attorney for Help With Sex Crimes Investigations

    Sex crime investigations can be uncomfortable. A lawyer that has gone with clients before to give a statement in this type of situation will be more comfortable with the process, know what is going to happen, and be able to prepare the client better than someone who has not done it before.

    An individual can contact a lawyer as soon as they are contacted by the police. They do not have an obligation to speak to the police without an attorney. As soon as they are aware that something is going on, they should get in touch with a lawyer who can best help investigate.

    A lawyer is going to know about things that could potentially be illegal that a person maybe does not realize are illegal, and without an attorney, the individual might say something incriminating that ends up making the case a lot worse for them without even realizing it. Call today to secure legal representation during Stamford sex crimes investigations.