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    Sex Offender Registries in Stamford

    There are different types of sex offender registries in Stamford. Stamford does not have its own, but there is a Connecticut state public registry and a national public sex offender registry, which anyone can search online. Through this, an individual can see if there are any registered sex offenders living near them.

    After being convicted of a sex crime in Stamford, an individual may be required to register on a sex offender registry. To better understand the process and information associated with sex offender registries in Stamford, it is pertinent that an individual consult with an attorney immediately.

    Types of Registries

    There is a national sex offender registry, and a statewide Connecticut registry that is updated through the Department of Emergency Services Public Protection, which people can find online.

    The other possible registry is for law enforcement only. It is in court, meaning only police and any kind of federal investigation bureau would be able to see a person’s registry, but the general public could not. Typically, it is called LEO, or law enforcement only registration.

    Registering as an Offender

    For many crimes like sexual assault in the first degree, risk of injury to a minor involving sexual contact, voyeurism, and other similar crimes, there will be a mandatory registration. Many times, an individual must register for at least 10 years.

    Sometimes, it can be negotiated with the prosecutor that the length of registration may be slightly less time or law enforcement only, but it depends on the statute as to how long they have to register for.

    Usually, if an individual is registered on the public registry, it will show them as a registered sex offender. There, they can also see the most serious crimes for which they were convicted of publicly.

    Registering to a sex offender registry in Stamford is sometimes required by statute. Other times, it is something that the prosecutor or the judge wants as part of a plea disposition.

    Long-Term Consequences

    If an individual is permanently listed as a sex offender, the records may be online forever. Even if it is not a lifetime registration, people in the community may still know about it, causing damage to their personal and professional reputation.

    Disclosing the Offense to an Employer
    In some instances, potential employers may find out about an individual’s sex crimes. Although, many times an individual must disclose it anyway.

    Normally, if anyone runs a criminal background check, the entry on the sex offender registry in Stamford will come up automatically. A sexual offender registry could prevent the person from working, for example, in schools or anywhere where kids are around, depending on the circumstances of a conviction.

    Standing in the Community

    If an individual is registered as a sex offender, they might not be allowed to live near schools, depending on the circumstances of the conviction and the person’s probation. Since an individual has to register every time they move, people will be able to see if they move into the area and know about their conviction as soon as they get there. That can certainly have a negative impact on their standing in the community.

    Benefits of a Lawyer

    Once a person is on a sex offender registry in Stamford, that person has to register for the amount of the time that the individual is obligated to. If a person does not, it can be a separate felony charge.

    The steps that the attorney should take upfront to remove an individual from a sex offender registry in Stamford is to try and push for a non-public registration to prevent the embarrassment and the damage to reputation.