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    Role of a Stamford Sex Crimes Lawyer

    A sex crime is defined as any kind of sexual contact that is not consented to. Typically, it is written as various degrees of sexual assault, and includes various subsections and statutes that deal specifically with certain actions.

    These crimes are often prosecuted severely and include heavy penalties of both jail time and fines. The role of a Stamford sex crimes lawyer is to gather all the pertinent evidence and mount a claim to help reduce or dismiss any potential penalties associated with the charge.

    Investigation Process

    A lot of times with sex crime cases, there is more of an investigation prior to the arrest. Many of them end up being warrant arrests, meaning that no one is arrested on the spot when the complaint first comes in.

    However, there are more investigative processes done up front by the police department. They will consider the case further, work with prosecutors, and take a bit more time to put together a warrant and then make an arrest. In these instances, it is part of the role of a lawyer in a Stamford sex crimes case to build a case to help defend against any evidence that the prosecution may be bringing forward.

    The Attorney-Client Relationship

    The relationship between an attorney and a client in a Stamford sex crimes case is more important than other cases because a lot of it is sensitive. The person involved should look for a defense attorney they can be open with and speak freely with to tell them exactly what they need to know to be able to defend them.

    Importance of Immediate Representation

    It is important to hire an attorney early in the process, because there is a lot of evidence that could otherwise be overwritten if it is not preserved right away. Also, if the person being investigated gets an attorney involved right away, they may be able to prevent an arrest from happening.

    As soon as an individual knows they are being investigated for this type of charge, they should immediately contact an attorney to try to work with the police. An individual should contact a lawyer pre-arrest if possible, but if not, as soon as possible after to start treatment and other things to help work out the best result in court. The major role of a lawyer in a Stamford sex crimes case is to be an advocate for their client, which is only benefited by early representation.

    Work With a Stamford Attorney to Resolve Sex Crimes Cases

    An attorney can help an individual by working with the prosecutor on the case. Sometimes there is another investigation taking place that the person can help with, and that can be useful in getting charges reduced or mitigated.

    An experienced defense attorney will also know a therapist or another treatment provider, so they could set them up with the individual to start helping to make the case better for court. The role of an attorney in such a Stamford sex crimes case is to make the case as favorable as possible for their client. This action could give the prosecutor some comfort in being able to either reduce the charge or to stand the prosecution. Call today to learn more.