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    Stamford Evading Responsibility Defense Strategies 

    Evading responsibility cases can have serious consequences if you are convicted. That is why it is important to work with a capable evading responsibility attorney that could determine which Stamford evading responsibility defense strategies could work best for you. A skilled lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

    How Prosecutors May Treat an Evading Responsibility Case

    Every prosecutor has different idiosyncrasies and nuances about their personality that a Stamford defense attorney can use when discussing the case and giving that prosecutor what they want to make the case go away as quickly as possible. The prosecutor will rely on the defendant making statements admitting guilt, e.g., does it appears that the defendant knew there was an accident if they knew if anybody was hurt, the extent of those injuries, and what any witnesses said.

    Factors to Consider When Building a Defense

    A criminal defense lawyer generally has at least a year to prepare for the case for trial, but in between each court date is about four to six weeks. A defense lawyer should consider any statements made by witnesses; determine if the police did their job properly; whether there was any drinking involved; the time of day and the location of the accident; and the history of the defendant. They can attack witness credibility, the completeness and fairness of police investigation, and the extent of injuries that are claimed. This information can be instrumental when deciding which Stamford evading responsibility defense strategies to employ.

    Impact Previous Convictions Can Have on an Evading Responsibility Case

    Previous convictions and other pending charges in Stamford can have a big effect on the on the present case. Previous convictions can be used against a person showing that they are a repeat offender for these types of things and can make the negotiation process much harder with other pending cases. Attorneys will have to deal with all of the cases at once instead of one by one.  In Stamford, a criminal defense lawyer can file a motion with the court called a Motion in Limine to stop the jury from hearing any information about the defendant’s past record on the grounds that it would unfairly prejudice a jury against them.

    Information to Disclose to a Defense Attorney

    If you face charges for evading responsibility, you should disclose all information possible to your defense lawyer. All communications with a defense lawyer are confidential under attorney-client privilege. The more your defense lawyer knows about you, the better they can prepare you for your trial

    A criminal defense lawyer should be fully aware of your situation because surprises are always a bad thing. If the prosecutor or the police have information that you did not tell your attorney, then it could make you look untrustworthy and guilty. It is a bad situation. The more the attorney knows, the better they can try to get ahead of things and leverage certain information on your behalf. It is important that you work with a capable attorney that could answer any questions you may have about Stamford evading responsibility defense strategies, and could build your case.